Computer Information Systems - Curriculum

The General Education Core at Holy Family University is comprised of 15 courses (45 credits) that allow our students to be well-rounded individuals. The courses expose the students to oral and written communications, critical thinking, social consciousness, national and global perspectives, and scientific and technological competency. The courses in the General Education Core ensure that our students are adept at interpersonal interactions needed by business people in the current global business community.

The Business Core has 15 courses (45 credits) dedicated to provide all business students the necessary knowledge and tools to succeed in the business world. The coursework in Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Math, and Statistics enable all business students to understand all aspects of business operations.

The Computer Information Systems curriculum is flexible, allowing students to develop a course sequence that prepares them for their chosen career path.

Required coursework in the concentration includes:

  • Introductory Programming
  • Advanced Programming
  • Internet Programming
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Networking
  • Systems Analysis
  • Database Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Senior Seminar in CIS

Students also take one restricted elective from the following courses:

  • Data Mining
  • Data Warehousing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Internship
  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Operating Systems
  • Statistical Computing and Visualization