Management-Marketing - Careers

What Can You Do With This Major?

Management majors are prepared to work in a variety of business organizations. Previous graduates have been successful in organizations in all industries, including manufacturing, health care, financial institutions, gaming and tourism, utilities, not-for- profit organizations and governmental agencies. Many graduates of the program have also started their own businesses in a variety of industrial sectors. The medical business manager salary is over $57,863 per year.

Marketing careers are also quite broad in potential scope, and marketers are very much in demand with the emerging importance of digital, mobile and interactive marketing. Some marketing jobs, such as brand manager and product manager, are more business-oriented than ones like copywriter and art director, which are more creative. Other positions, such as market researcher, are highly technical and use complex models to predict and evaluate consumer behavior. A Marketing Manager earns an average salary of $61,254 per year.

Sarah Ambach '14
MM Sarah AmbachThe School of Business Administration, and my focus of management-marketing, provided me with an excellent education. I am now able to apply that knowledge to my studies in law school. Being able to analyze organizational issues and transactions from a business perspective, as well as a legal perspective, has helped me make a difference and stand out from the crowd.


Zachary Victor '15
MM Zachary VictorAs a business major at Holy Family University, I was prepared for the "real world" upon graduation. An extensive business simulation that had us working as groups to run a business and an in-depth research paper that had us not only find information on the inner workings of a company, but also challenged us to create ideas and concepts that the company should take for future success. I continually found myself correlating information between classes as they all came together to give me a great foundation to start my business career as a Territory Sales Manager with a leading company in its industry (American Greetings, number one in pieces sold and dollars made in greeting cards in 2015).