Field Placement: Field Experience


The viewer will find important information on this site related to field placement and career planning.

Clearance Requirements

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's School Code requires that students in teacher preparation programs have current background checks. Candidates for field placement must have current clearances on file with American DataBank before entering a school building. Visit the link below for information on the required clearances. Visit the Observation, Practicum and Student Teaching pages for information on how to register with the Field Placement Office.

The Field Experience Continuum

School of Education teacher preparation programs provide the student with a continuum of field experiences designed to expose the student to the art and craft of the profession and to enrich his/her classroom study. This continuum consists of classroom observations in the freshman and sophomore years and more structured experiences in the junior and senior years. More information on these experiences can be found at the following links.

Field Placement Schedules

The field placement schedules appear below.

Program Goals & Field Experience Competencies

School of Education (SOE) programs have specific learning outcomes embedded in their course work. Additionally, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has published competencies that are designed to inform the development of teacher preparation programs and the evaluation of students engaged in clinical experiences in the field. The competencies are organized under seven headings that parallel and extend the domains in Charlotte Danielson's framework for enhancing professional practice. Click below to view the SOE program outcomes and the PDE competencies for the Practicum stage (stage 3).

Academic Assistance

Professional Membership

  • Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA)
  • New Jersey Education Association (NJEA)
    • This organization offers a student membership at minimum cost. The advantages to membership are numerous, among which is liability insurance. Visit the following link for more information.


Career Planning

  • Holy Family University Careers Center
  • Pennsylvania REAP
    • Pennsylvania REAP is a free service designed to help educators find new and exciting teaching jobs in Pennsylvania.
  • NJ
    • is owned and operated by New Jersey Educators with vast experience in New Jersey's schools. Development of the site began in July 1999 and launched in late September of 1999. serves hundreds of schools/districts throughout New Jersey.