Undergraduate Programs

When it comesto academics, we're professionals.

At Holy Family University, we focus on providing you atruly supportive environment for learning. Our job isto help you makethe most of your potential. We dothis by offering professionally focused degree programs, designedto launch your career after graduation.

Achieving a university bachelor’s degree is, for many people,the beginning of a new life and an amazing journey. At Holy Family University, we’re gratifiedto seethat our job placement figures are well abovethe national average, an indicationthat our environment is one in which students receivethe attentionthey needtothrive.

Our undergraduate academic curriculum is divided into four distinct Schools offering bachelor’s degrees, in additionto accelerated and internship programs. Take a lookthrough our course listingsto see which career paths seem appropriate for you, and submit an application. Getting started on your journey isthat simple.

School of Arts and Sciences

School of Business Administration

School of Education

School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions