Holy Family is pleased to offer Winterim courses for 2018-19. Offered by colleges and universities nationwide, such sessions have the potential to create mid-year course completion options for students across programs and academic majors.

All courses are online/subject to change or cancellation without notice.
This years' Winterim term runs December 26, 2018 through January 4, 2019.

Designed to fit between the fall and spring semesters, Winterim offers a series of undergraduate and graduate courses in a manner consistent with the Pennsylvania Department of Education requirement of 42 hours of instructional time for a typical three-credit course.

The last day to Add/Drop Winterim courses are as follows

Current Students
Fri. December 21st at noon

New/not currently enrolled students
Add: Thu. December 20th at noon
Drop: Fri. December 21st at noon

Please Note: Any drop requests made after the drop/add deadline will result in full financial responsibility for the course. Requests must be sent to

Winterim 2018-19 Course Offerings

All courses are offered online. Here are the available 2018-2019 course offerings.

SEC NameCourse Title
BUSA-435-OL Senior Seminar in Business Policy
BUSI-416-OL International Business
COMM-115-OL Communication and Culture
ENGL-101-OL Writing I
ENGL-102-OL Writing II
ENGL-115-OL Public Speaking
ENGL-202-OL World Literature II
ENGL-235-OL Understanding Movies
FINC-301-OL Financial Management
GSCI-105-OL Living in the Environment
MATH-101-OL Quantitative Literacy
PHIL-101-OL Introduction to Philosophy
PSYC-318-OL Globalization
RELS-108-OL Basics of Catholic Faith
SOCO-101-OL Introductory Sociology
SOCO-318-OL Globalization