Federal Work Study Job Listings at HFU

2017-2018 FWS Positions

Updated: 8/15/2017


Supervisor: Zacharia Ahmed (267-341-3226)

Position Description: Work-study students in this position will be serving as the front desk attendant for the HFU Academic Advising Office. This role includes but is not limited to: Answering incoming phone calls, setting up advising appointments, filing student records, interacting with guests to the office and assisting in various office tasks as assigned.

Qualifications: Good organizational skills, excellent interpersonal skills, dependable

Hours: Day; Up to 20 hours per week, during office hours (8:00 am - 5:00 pm)



Supervisor: Connie Dema (267-341-3486)

Position Description: Assist teachers and office staff. Assist the teachers with art projects, tracing, copying, etc. Assist office with various projects.

Qualifications: Education and Nursing students, Previous experience with children

Hours: Day; 8:00 am - 3:15 pm



Supervisor: Connie Dema (267-341-3486)

Position Description: Watch children during lunch and outside play area.

Qualifications: Previous experience with children

Hours: Day; 11:30 am - 12:30 pm



Supervisor: Pamela Flynn (267-341-3418)

Position Description: Update art gallery website and video gallery openings.

Qualifications: Computer skills

Hours: Day, evening; Up to 5 hours per week



Supervisor: Pamela Flynn (267-341-3418)

Position Description: Clean 2-D and 3-D studios and reclaim clay.

Qualifications: Able to be self-motivated to get the work done and need to not mind a messy job

Hours: Day and evening; Up to 4 hours per week



Supervisor: Pamela Flynn (267-341-3418)

Position Description: Help hang exhibits and maintain gallery walls.

Qualifications: Interest in art and self-motivated

Hours: Day and evening; Up to 2 hours per week



Supervisor: Jami Hughes (267-341-3347)

Position Description: Work study students will work all athletic home contests and help with the operations of the games which includes set-up, break down and assisting in the management of the games.  Work study students will also assist in special events run by athletic departments which include fundraisers and high school athletic events.

Qualifications: A team player willing to do any job assigned at an athletic event; Must be able to work nights & weekends; Must be punctual

Hours: Day, evening, weekend; Up to 20 hours per week



Supervisor: Jami Hughes (267-341-3347)

Position Description: Work study students will work the front desk of our Fitness Center supervising the Fitness Center. They will make sure all patrons are using the equipment properly and responsibly. They will make sure all patrons have a valid Holy Family issued identification card. They will wipe down equipment and mats when needed.

Qualifications: Must be able to work day, nights, and weekends; Must be punctual

Hours: Day, evening, weekend;  10-20 hours per week



Supervisor: Jami Hughes (267-341-3347)

Position Description: Work study students will work with our Sports Information Director helping with the creation of game programs and media guides, statistics during games and being the public address announcer during games.

Qualifications: A detailed oriented student working with an interest in writing, statistics and announcing. Must be able to work nights and weekends and be punctual.

Hours: Day, evening, weekend; Up to 20 hours per week



Supervisor: Corine Williams (267-341-3334)

Position Description: Basic office duties including filing, stuffing envelopes, photocopies, etc.

Hours: Day; About 6 hours per week



Supervisor: Dennis Millan (267-341-3413)

Position Description: Provides tutoring and interacts with professional tutors. Responsible for maintaining student tutoring records



Supervisor: Dennis Millan (267-341-3413)

Position Description: Administrative/organizational support in a broad range of clerical functions. Duties include greeting students, scheduling appointments, answering phones, duplicating and mail retrieval. You'll be part of a team -we work together in a spirit of caring and sharing of duties: we are committed to our work and to having fun while we do it! Please come check us out!

Qualifications: Detail oriented, organizational skills, good people skills

Hours: Day; 6-10 hours per week



Supervisor: Vedia Ozkan (267-341-3459)

Position Description: Serve food, peel vegetables, clean counters & shelf areas/cabinets, make sandwiches, sweeping, small food prep tasks, catering assistance, cashier

Qualifications: Experience with listed duties a plus but not necessary

Hours: Day, evening, weekend; At least 4 hours per week



Supervisor: Christopher Pahnlick (267-341-3276)

Position Description: Running office machines: copier, duplicator, collating machines, laminator, binding machines. Picking up and delivering copy requests and answering the phone. Eventually assisting faculty, staff and work study students from other departments to run machines.

Qualifications: Need to be reliable, punctual, courteous, handle themselves in a professional and polite manner

Hours: Day; 10-15 hours per week


Supervisor: Director of Experiential Learning | Angela Cutchineal (267-341-3201)

Position Description: Organize paperwork, contact research for internship opportunities, general office duties, special projects as assigned. A student with an interest in a career in Human Resources, Recruiting, Staffing, or related, would be ideal for resume building in this role. 

Qualifications: Internet researching ability, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, basic PC operation

Hours: Day; up to 20 hours per week


Supervisor: Christine Coleman (267-341-3450)

Position Description: Alphabetical filing, data entry, stuffing envelopes, shredding documents, updating bulletin board, general clerical duties

Qualifications: Proficient in Microsoft Office products, knowledge of alphabet, detail oriented and able to multi-task

Hours: Day; 5-10 hours per week



Supervisor: Robert McIntyre (267-341-3555)

Position Description: Answer phones calls, create and send out information packets on the graduate programs to prospective graduate students, mass mailings to prospective and current graduate students, assist graduate counselors with any projects as needed, help graduate counselors with communication flow of inquiry to enrollment stages of the admissions process.

Qualifications: Interpersonal skills, attention to details and neat handwriting.

Hours: Day;  10 hours per week


Supervisor: Julia Scherpenberg (267-341-3262)

Position Description: Clerical duties including filing, data entry, and mail pickup. Clinical duties as assigned. Health promotion activities guided by the Director.

Qualifications: At least intermediate level knowledge of MS Office; Adheres to HIPPA regulations that protect individuals' health information

Hours: Day, evening, weekend; Approx. 8 hours per week

Note: This is a Spring 2018 semester position only. Please apply between November 15, 2017 and December 14, 2017.


Supervisor: Gary Coleman (267-341-3585)

Position Description: Set up computers, labs, check printers, answer phones at Help Desk, assist with classroom technology problems, and help set up for open houses

Qualifications: Basic knowledge of PC skills, Basic knowledge of AV skills, Basic communication skills

Hours: Day, evening, weekend; up to 10 hours per week



Supervisor: Debby Kramer (267-341-3584)

Position Description: The students will shelve books, process materials, pick-up and deliver mail, check information in the online catalog, and perform basic data entry. Students may assist at the circulation desk or in the computer lab area (fill printers with paper, troubleshoot PC or printer problems). Students may also earn additional hours by working at special Library events.

Qualifications: Students must be able to follow directions, have basic computer skills and should be detail oriented. Students should be able to lift and carry up to 25 lbs. Previous volunteer or work experience in a library would be a bonus!

Hours: Day, evening, weekend; 5-10 hours per week



Supervisor: Valerie Gavaghan (Please apply in person)

Position Description: Need to be trained to use the postal meter machine.  Sort mail into bins for incoming mail from the Post Office. Learn who's who in the University and their departments. Deliver mail to resident mailboxes. Deliver mail to administrative offices in the a.m. Sort student mail for delivery. Cover office and answer phones when necessary.

Qualifications: Dependable

Hours: Day; 10-12 hours per week



Supervisor: Ralph Carp (267-341-3031)

Position Description: Responsible for upkeep of campus to enhance and maintain curb appeal. Physically walk entire campus to remove litter, debris, cigarette butts from the grounds. Transfer trash and other items left outside the dumpster into the dumpster. Pick-up and sweep the area. Keep dumpster doors closed at all times. Clean and rake shrub areas. Shovel snow when necessary. Helps clean and maintain storage and shop areas. Assist with maintenance setups for events. Additional duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Physically able to bend, lift and walk with objects weighing up to 75 pounds at any given time. Able to walk for long periods of time.

Hours: Day; Up to 20 hours per week



Supervisor: Karen Peyton (267-341-3567)

Position Description: Add listings and content to the University website following layouts and guidelines provided by the Web Specialist.

Create links to external websites.

 Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Data entry & basic HTML skills, but will train if necessary.

Hours: Day; 5-20 hours per week (flexible)



Supervisor: Karen Peyton (267-341-3567)

Position Description: Assist with "in-house" staff photography & videography. (Student activity events, special events, etc.)  Assist on photo shoots with hired photographers.  Assist with social media sites & pages authorized by & for Holy Family. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+) Act as student liaison, pitching interesting stories to Marketing Dept. as needed.  Other duties as assigned

Qualifications: Basic knowledge of DSLR cameras & computers (MAC), An interest in & an eye for photography/videography, Data entry, social media proficiency, Outgoing individual: contact with staff and university community, Ideal for an Art or Communications major

Hours: Day; 5-20 hours per week (flexible)



Supervisor: Julie Rempfer (267-341-5017)

Position Description: Assist development & alumni staff in engaging graduates and other University friends through written, electronic, and phone communication. Assist in development/alumni events as needed. Assist in updating and maintaining office records and supplies and filing.  Assist with social media.



Supervisor: Shana Narita (267-341-3296)

Position Description: Duplicating, assembling program folders, scanning x-ray images, stocking clinical forms, light typing, organizing shelves/stockroom

Qualifications: Good organizational skills, punctuality, conscientiousness, reliability. No Rad Sci majors.

Hours: Day; Up to 10 hours per week



Supervisor: Jane Palmer (267-341-3255)

Position Description: General lab maintenance, assisting with setup and tear downs of students labs and assisting with preps. Completing lab inventories and filing.

Qualifications: Prefer students with course work in biology and chemistry. Reliable and conscientious attitude

Hours: Day; About 10 hours per week


Supervisor: Jacqueline Fox (267-341-3434)

Position Description: General office duties, scanning, photocopying, mail, assisting faculty with office tasks


Qualifications: Ability to follow directions, must be organized, must be able to speak effectively on the telephone, light lifting

Hours: Day; 15-20 hours per week


Supervisor: Jacqueline Fox (267-341-3434)

Position Description: To ensure opening/closing of Resource Room for student use. Operate laminator, poster-maker and Smartboard. Maintain resources for student use and accessibility. Supervise check in and check out.

Qualifications: Reliability, leadership capability, enthusiasm, outgoing personality - preferably Education majors

Hours: Day, evening; 10-15 hours per week


Supervisor: Maria Gonzalez (267-341-3293)

Position Description: Assist secretaries and faculty as needed, keep work area clean, assist with reception duties, duplicating, filing, light typing

QualificationsNice personality, trustworthy, responsible, and dependable. Unfortunately, we cannot hire nursing majors.

Hours: Day; 10-15 hours per week


Supervisor: Rosemary Elliott (267-341-3304)

Position Description: Light cleaning, dusting and wiping down tables and work surfaces. Putting equipment back neatly, rearranging lab materials in labs. Sorting equipment. Cleaning manikins.

Qualifications: Dependable, punctual, ability to be flexible; Respectful to students and faculty; Able to maintain a level of confidentiality

Hours: Monday - Friday; 2-4 hour shifts; Up to 20 hours per week



Supervisor: Kathy Magiera (267-341-3509)

Position Description: Move, re-arrange, confirm and help facilitate setups for events. Must be able and willing to move tables, chairs, and other miscellaneous items throughout the Campus Center and other buildings.

Qualifications: Responsible, flexible with time (needs change on a week-to-week basis) and willing to do what is needed to facilitate an event. Good physical health required. (Resident student preferred.)

Hours: Day, evening, weekend; 5-8 hours per week (flexible)


Supervisor: Amanda Mouser (267-341-3278)

Position DescriptionFunctions include: answering phones and taking messages; picking up printing materials from Duplicating Office; filing and making copies; distributing and removing advertising materials around campus; maintaining the campus programming calendar on the second floor of the Campus Center; assisting with leadership program workshops and entering assessment data into spreadsheets; organizing and taking inventory of offices and supply rooms; and assisting with campus programming, including Orientation and student leader training. This position may be involved with assisting other Student Life offices and completing other assignments as needed.

Qualifications: Comfortable utilizing the phone and talking to people; basic computer skills; a good and positive attitude and willingness to help others; ability to work on projects independently. Need to be reliable, punctual, and handle yourself in a professional manner. General familiarity with Student Engagement services is a plus. 

Hours: Day, Evening, Weekend; 5-10 hours per week

Supervisors: Susan Morton (267-341-3200); Anna Tysarczyk  (267-341-3223)

Position Description: May be assigned to assist the University's switchboard phone system as a call taker or be stationed at the front desk located in the Campus Center’s 2nd-floor lobby. Duties may include projects such as shredding non-confidential material, internet research, making paper copies, filing, and data entry for our office and the various offices within the Student Life Department. Also, another essential assignment would be the daily picking up and distributing of inter-office mail.

Qualifications: Good customer service skills

Hours: Day; 10-20 hours per week


Supervisor: Marissa Chambers (267-341-3267)

Position Description: Help with all mailings, answer phones and door and assist visitors. Provide campus tours if necessary. Work admissions events on various weekends.

Qualifications: Student Ambassador students preferred. However, other interested students may apply and would primarily assist with office-related duties.

Hours: Day, evening, some weekends; Up to 5 hours per week