Our athletic programs score big across the board.

We’re proud of our successes in the CACC and NCAA leagues, thanks to our legendary Women’s and Men’s Division II basketball teams. That said, Holy Family University athletic stars shine brightly across the universe of college sports, among them Soccer, Lacrosse, Cross Country, Track & Field, and Tennis, to name a few. Beyond competitive sports, we encourage all of our students to participate in intramural and campus club sports while they’re with us or to simply join and use our Fitness Center. It doesn’t stop with students either. As part of our Community Engagement values, we invite neighbors outside the school to register their children in our summer camps and hope that families will attend our games year round. Next time you’re paying us a visit, drop into our facilities and get to know more about our athletic programs.

Division II Sports

Year after year, our men’s and women’s teams rank highly in prominent college tournaments: the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Central Athletic Collegiate Conference among them. All of our teams are named the Tigers, a name that they live up to. We encourage parents, students, and alumni to celebrate in the successes of our athletic programs, a testament to the dedication and talents of our coaches, administrators, and players. Visit our website often to track our progress.

Clubs & Intramurals

The great American college experience is not solely about hitting the books. Our Student Activities Office in Student Life offers an extensive list of clubs and intramural athletic activities for students to enjoy, outside of our CACC/NCAA league play. Intramural teams are made up of both men and women, so they’re inclusionary by nature. Learn lessons on and off the field, have fun, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Camps & Clinics

Our Sports Camps offer a host of attractions, including outstanding modern facilities and renowned coaches. Campers receive daily instruction and get to participate with others of their own ability and age group. We teach the fundamentals: offense/defense, team play, personal skills and game situations. Your child will receive the attention they need to develop their athletic skills. Perhaps more importantly, they’ll have fun.
For more information, visit our dedicated Tigers Athletics web page.


More than providing a spacious and comfortable gym where our winning teams receive their training, we’re proud to be able to host key tournaments for the CACC and NCAA. Experience the excitement of a live Tigers game for yourself. If you’re here for a campus tour, be sure to ask to see our athletic facilities.