The HFU Orientation Staff

Leaders for the 2019 Orientation Program

Amanda Mouser, Associate Director of Student Engagement

Amanda Mouser

Director of Student Success

Hello Tigers! My name is Amanda Mouser (she, her, hers), and I am Holy Family's Director of Student Success. I work in the Student Engagement Office creating Orientation and opportunities for student leadership, programs, and clubs. I am also a support person for students who want someone to assist them with any challenges they may be facing in their classes or in their personal lives. Other than being on campus to help support you in your college experience, I also really enjoy going to live music shows, eating my way through Philadelphia, and spending time with my cat, Buddy. Please let me know how the University can further support you - or if you want to see pictures of Buddy! 

Taylor Lewis - Orientation & Retention Intern

Taylor Lewis

Orientation & Retention Intern

Hey everyone! My name is Taylor (he/him/his). I’m coming from my home state Massachusetts, where I am a second-year graduate student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I’m here to assist the Student Engagement Office with Orientation related things such as Orientation Days and training for the Orientation Leaders as well as some retention initiatives. I love all things Drake, music in general, pop culture, marathoning shows on Hulu, Netflix, and Prime, reading, studying politics, following men’s fashion, and conversing about all this, so feel free to stop me on Orientation Days for a quick chat!


Jenna Heath - Orientation Co-Director

Jenna Heath

Orientation Co-Director

Jenna Heath is a Junior Secondary English Education major. Jenna is the goalie for Holy Family’s women's lacrosse team. Jenna also serves as the Vice President of University Affairs for the Student Government Association.


Anjelai Hayes - Orientation Co-Director

Anjelai Hayes

Orientation Co-Director

Hello, my name is Anjelai Hayes and I am a rising junior at Holy Family University. I am a secondary education- mathematics major and I aspire to one day be a college professor. At Holy Family, I am part of the women’s cross country team, the women’s basketball team, and the women’s outdoor track and field team. I am also a member of the school’s honors program, I spent time as a tutor in the Center for Academic Enhancement and I have worked as a lunch helper for Alpha House; the preschool that is located on campus. My favorite thing about Holy Family is the small size of the campus and of the student body, which provides many opportunities for students to get involved in the community and in campus activities.


Asawir Abdelgadir - Orientation Leader

Asawir Abdelgadir

Orientation Leader

My name is Asawir Abdelgadir, I am Sudanese Yemeni American and I currently live in Delaware. I am a double major in Nursing and Biology(Pharmacy). I am involved in Albertans Science Club, Campus Ministry, Fusion, Interdisciplinary Disability Education and Acceptance (IDEA), Student Government Association (SGA), and Pre-Healthcare Association. I love to play soccer, dance, and travel to more than 20 countries. My favorite hobbies are to watch movies, spend time with family and be inspired by others. My two favorite quotes are “We Generate Fears While We Sit. We Overcome Them By Action.” or “You Learn More From Failure Than From Success. Don’t Let It Stop You. Failure Builds Character.


Abigail Zaleppa - Orientation Leader

Abigail Zaleppa

Orientation Leader

My name is Abby Zaleppa. I am from Mountain Top PA. I am currently a sophomore sports marketing management major. I am on the lacrosse team. I am also an officer for the accounting society. I am a member of the business society also.


Alexa Zapczynski - Orientation Leader

Alexa Zapczynksi

Orientation Leader

My name is Alexa Zapczynski and I’m from Bucks County, PA. I am a senior Psychology major with a Childhood Studies minor. I transferred to Holy Family after going to Bucks Community College because their Psychology program is very detailed and focused based on specific career tracks. As someone who transferred I still felt right at home in the university community and hope to make that possible for anyone else coming in as well.


Amber Welsh-Miller - Orientation Leader

Amber Welsh-Miller

Orientation Leader

Hello, my name is Amber Welsh-Miller. I am a senior at HFU. I recently changed my major to early education/special education, which I am super excited about taking on this new journey. I have been a part of the Student Government Association (SGA) and Habitat for Humanity for 4 years now. Currently this year I will be the Vice President of Internal Records on SGA and the Fundraising Director on Habitat. I also have been a work-study student in the student engagement office these past four years. I love being involved around campus and I’m super excited to get to meet y’all.


Kate Dearing - Orientation Leader

Kate Dearing

Orientation Leader

My name is Kate Dearing. I am from Langhorne, PA. I am currently a sophomore accounting major. I am the President of the Campus Activities Board, the Secretary of the Accounting Society and the Treasurer of the Video Game Club. I am also a member of the Business Society as well as the Holy Rollers (the campus choir). I am a Resident Advisor (RA) for the 2019-2020 school year and for this summer and I am a thrower on the track team. I have enjoyed my time at Holy Family University thus far and cannot wait to share it with you all!