The HFU Orientation Staff

Leaders for the 2017 New Student Orientation

Amanda Mouser, Associate Director of Student Engagement

Amanda Mouser

Associate Director of Student Engagement: Student Engagement

Amanda is a full-time staff person in our Campus Life & Leadership Office and runs the Office of Student Engagement at Holy Family where she oversees campus clubs, club sports, leadership programs, campus events, and new student orientation. Amanda can help you with anything relating to Orientation, including any questions you may have about staff selection, future planning, and how to become involved on campus.


  • Student Affairs Administration, M.A. from Michigan State University
  • Psychology, B.A. and Theatre Performance and Leadership Minors from University of Delaware

Fun Facts: Some of Amanda’s favorite things are loose leaf tea, mermaids, intersectional feminism, board game nights, Spotify’s “All out 90s” playlist, and the Firefly Music Festival.

Taurai Augustin, Orientation Co-Director

Taurai Augustin

Orientation Co-Director

Taurai Augustin is a senior Biology/Pre-med major here at Holy Family University. He is a member of the Albertans science club; School of Arts and Science representative for SGA; team captain for the Cross Country and Track and Field teams; and a peer tutor, just to name a few of his involvements. Taurai is from a small island in the Caribbean called Saint Lucia. He likes playing cricket and football(soccer); climbs trees; and describes himself as a man of many accents!

Nicole Burke, Orientation Leader

Nicole Burke

Orientation Leader

Nicole Burke is a sophomore majoring in Management Marketing. She is a transfer student who came to Holy Family University from Morgan State University as well as Community College of Philadelphia. Nicole is currently an executive member for Campus Activities Board. Her hobbies include track and field, writing music, Bible Study, and helping others. Nicole believes that with an "I can do anything " mentality, you truly can be a success in all your endeavors. The words you speak will chart the course of your life!

Jen Peters, Orientation Leader

Jen Peters

Orientation Leader

Jen Peters is a Junior Communications Major with a Media Studies Track and a minor in Social Media. Her favorite quote comes from Audrey Hepburn: “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others. For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness. And for poise, walk with knowledge that you are never alone.” Jen knows how to sew and likes to make her own costumes and clothes. She is also a Student Ambassador and a member of Habitat for Humanity’s Holy Family University Campus Chapter.

Mandi Gurecki, Orientation Leader

Mandi Gurecki

Orientation Leader

Mandi Gureki is a Criminal Justice/Psychology dual major in the class of 2019. Mandi’s favorite television show is Criminal Minds and has been known to unconsciously lapse into a NYC or southern accent when she is really tired. Additionally, she used to work on a farm and raised two goats of her own while she was there (their names were Spunky Popcorn and Kalico Kidd). Mandi can sing in English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Norwegian (but can only understand what she sings if it is in English).

Gerome Gutierrez, Orientation Leader

Gerome Gutierrez

Orientation Leader

Gerome Gutierrez is a Junior General Track Psychology Major with a minor in Social Media. Gerome is involved as a Student Ambassador on campus! An interest is editing videos with his friends. Gerome’s favorite quote comes from his favorite TV show The Office (which he has watched 4-5 times over the last 4-5 months). "Fool me once, strike one. But fool me twice? Strike three." -Michael Scott.

Krystal Acevedo, Orientation Leader

Krystal Acevedo

Orientation Leader

Krystal Acevedo is a junior nursing major. Her favorite quote is, "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have." Krystal’s favorite things to do are fishing and carpentry. Additionally, Krystal tends to work well under pressure and is allergic to cats. While at Holy Family, Krystal has been involved with Residence Life.

Nicole Elmer, Orientation Leader

Nicole Elmer

Orientation Leader

Nicole is a senior psychology major with a concentration in mental health services. Her long-term goal is to counsel those who are struggling with addiction. Nicole is very excited to be starting Grad classes this summer in the 4+2 Counseling program. During her time at Holy Family University, Nicole has served as a Resident Advisor for Residence Life. Nicole also enjoys being part of campus life by contributing to different events and programs, as well as being a member on the cheerleading team.

Kaitlan Pickering, Orientation Leader

Kaitlan Pickering

Orientation Leader

Kaitlan's biography is coming soon... please check back!