Housing Lottery FAQ

When is the deadline for the housing deposit?

March 18, 2016 - all applications and housing deposits are due. All payments must go to the Business Office. This payment can be made by cash, credit, or check. Deposits and applications will be accepted after this date, but students will then select housing after all students who have participated in the housing lottery have selected. Please bring your receipt from the Business Office to Campus Center 204 to be filed.

What is my $300.00 deposit used for?

The $300 is held until the end of the academic year, where any housing charges will be deducted. If there are no housing charges, the deposit will be refunded in full after the academic year. There are a few students who decide to go through the lottery and do not contract for housing. For these students and for students who are released from housing or otherwise do not fulfill their contract, the $300 is non-refundable.

Why does it matter if a student pays the deposit on time?

Paying the $300 deposit by March 18, 2016 enables students to be placed in the housing selection process. Those who do not pay on or before the deadline will be forced to select after everyone else in the process. You may be paired up with roommates you don't know or other students looking for roommates.

What are Tiers?

Tiers are a way to ensure students who have dedicated their time to the University and living in residence will be able to select their housing assignment before a student who has not been at the University for as long. The Tier you are placed in is determined by your credit status (credits completed) and the amount or semesters you have completed in residence.

Will students be able to live with roommates from other Tiers?

Yes. The Tiers are a way to ensure individual times are assigned. Once students have their appointment times they are able to "pull-in" a friend to fill an apartment or suite no matter what Tier they are in.

Will students be allowed to reserve or maintain their current residence for the next year (squatting)?

All rooms will be available in the housing selection process. There will be no squatting. If the process permits and the student(s) are eligible for that type of housing, the student will be able to select the same residence they are in this year. Please be aware that due to maintenance updates some current housing options may not be available next year.

How are the Selection Appointment Times Assigned?

Appointment times are assigned randomly according to each tier. The only ranking factor is the tiers. For instance, within a particular tier, students are assigned randomly, however all students in tier 8 will have times before those in tier 9.

Why do some students in a higher tier select earlier than students in a lower tier?

Students can pull in their roommates, meaning that all students choosing to live together may select housing at the best available appointment. This may happen when a junior student in tier 2 would want to live with a roommate who is a freshman in tier 10. Both students would then select housing during the junior's tier 2 appointment.

Are there enough rooms for students going through the lottery?

Yes, there are enough rooms for all students participating in the housing selection process. However, because of high demand for certain housing options, your first choice may not be available.

What if my first choice of housing is not available?

Most of the time, students will receive their first choice of building. We ask students to plan for at least three other contingencies, besides their first choice. There are times when students may select another building and, in some cases, split up from their intended roommate arrangement.

What happens when I have to split up my roommate arrangement?

If your contingency plans do not work, you may decide to split up your roommate arrangement. A few things occur: first depending on how you split, other housing may be available. Please note that the person with the best appointment time will always go ahead of the others in the group and that student will only be able to pull in the number of students the room accommodates. Therefore when a group splits, students may need to select at another time.

What is a proxy form?

A proxy form is used when a student cannot attend the scheduled appointment for open room selection. Proxy forms are available in the Office of Residence Life and online under the forms section of our website. A proxy form can be handed in to the Office of Residence Life at the scheduled appointment time or any time before then.

I am a commuter student and I want to live on campus, what do I need to do?

As a commuter the tier system has provided a way for you to live on campus and choose housing the same way as if you were a resident student. As a commuter student you need to follow the same process as all other students.

If I will be 21 during the next year, can I have alcohol?

No. Holy Family University does not permit alcohol on campus or in the residence halls.

What if I need a single due to a medical accommodation?

A limited number of singles are held for special needs students. Special needs include physical health, mental health, and academic need. See the housing or disabilities section of the Holy Family University Student Handbook for specific information. Permission for a single room must be granted by the Disabilities Office.

If I currently have a special need single, do I need to go through the process again?

Yes. Students currently in a special need single must go through the above noted process.

Can I smoke in the room?

Due to Pennsylvania law, all residence halls and University-owned buildings are smoke free.

Does each residence hall have laundry machines and kitchens?

Currently all residence halls provide free laundry machines, kitchens, or kitchenettes. Stevenson Lane Residence offers recreational lounges as well as study lounges. St. Joseph's Hall offers recreational lounges and a computer lab. Please look on our website under Residence Life for more information on the amenities provided in the residence halls.

When do I sign up for a meal plan?

Students will sign up for a meal plan during the housing selection process. We currently offer four meal plans; 19 meal plan (150 flex dollars), 15 meal plan ($150 flex dollars), 10 meal plan ($100 flex dollars) and a 5 meal plan ($50 flex dollars).

Do I have to be on a meal plan?

Any upper-class student may choose a meal plan that best works for him/her. Residents living in Stevenson Lane must choose at least a 5 meal (or higher) plan. And students living in St. Joseph must choose a 10 meal (or higher) plan. Residents of the Garden Apartments have kitchens, so it is recommended those students select a 5 meal plan but are not obligated to.

What are the costs of the different housing areas on campus per academic year?

The cost of each housing area will be available prior to the beginning of the housing selection process. Please reference the Residence Life section of our website for the current costs. Please be advised that housing costs will vary for the next academic year and typically we see an increase in housing costs each year.

We encourage you to attend an information session, and/or our tour, if you have other questions/concerns.