Residence Life FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Residence Life at Holy Family University.

Yes. All students can bring cars to campus: however, they must be registered with Security and have the parking permit visible in the window. Parking in SLR and GAR is located near the building, and all residents can also park in the Campus Center lot.

Only students with a University‐approved reason may stay in their rooms during break periods. This includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Spring Break. International students and those students who live far away may request to stay. Information on how to request extensions is sent out to all students before the break periods.

All first-year students must choose a 19, 14, or 10 meal plan. All other students must choose one of the other options, but can select from any of our offered plans. Students living in the Garden Apartments may select a meal plan, or elect not to have a meal plan due to the full kitchens being provided.

Students can change their meal plans up until the first week of classes with no charge by contacting Students who have special allergies or food needs can let our dining services staff know, so that they can work with the student to ensure food options.

Meal plans are required unless approved by our disAbility Services office.

No. The University does not store items for residents, including during summer break. Students do not have to move out items between fall and spring semester. There are storage unit places near campus for those who live far away or who wish to store items instead of moving them home.

First-year students may request other first-year students by listing the name(s) on their housing applications. Only mutual requests, made by the deadline, will be honored. In the event that a student meets another student after submitting the application, he/she can email to request an update. Both students must do this in order to make the match. No matches are guaranteed. Otherwise, students are placed based on the roommate survey they fill out (within the housing application). We recommend that you reach out to your roommate(s) to go over which items you would like to bring, what you will share and not share, and just get to know one another in general.

Please note that no room changes are allowed until after the first two weeks of the semester and that changes must be approved by our office before students move. These depend on availability and the circumstances of the situation. During your first week, you will be given a roommate contract to fill out with your roommate(s). This is a great way to start conversations with your roommate(s) about what you are comfortable and not comfortable within your room space.

Completed agreements are required for every first-year student room during the first week of classes.

Suggested, but not exhaustive: cleaning supplies, bed set or sheets/blanket, rug, trash can, TV/radio/game system, etc. as desired, cable chord (cable access is in the room but you must bring the coax cord – 1 per room), a locked box or safe (if bringing valuables), paper plates, cups, dishes, headphones, shower stuff (caddy, flip flops, soap/shampoo, robe or large towel, wash cloths), liquid laundry detergent, toilet paper and paper towels as back up, laundry basket/bin, hangers, a refrigerator (if desired‐ APPROX. 3 CUBIC FEET MAX.), snacks and drinks (make sure all are sealed and kept properly to avoid bug cleanliness issues, bike lock (if desired) for the bike rack outside, power strips with surge protectors, umbrella, clothing (remember you have Thanksgiving break to go home and get other stuff if you want to save heavier clothing for later), lamps, sewing kit, flashlight, chargers for your electronics, laptop/computer with wireless hook up capability, and a cell phone (no landline phones in the room).


Barnes and Noble will be sending information on their bedding/room supply packages for students who are interested. Contact our Bookstore at 267‐341‐3657 for questions.

Stevenson Lane– each room comes with a regular twin bed, dresser, desk and chair, armoire/shelving. The SLR common room does not have furniture. In the Garden Apartments, there is also common room furniture in the living room, which includes tables, chairs, couches, etc. Bedrooms are equipped with cable tv access (students must supply the cable chord) and all residence halls have wireless internet hook up capabilities (students must supply computers or lap tops). There is no landline phone or plug‐in ethernet access in the residence hall rooms. All furniture must remain in the room/suite/apartment and beds may not be bunked or lofted (bed risers are not permitted) unless done by the University in the event of a triple. SLR and GAR have individually controlled units per suite/apartment.

Students who cancel prior to moving in for Fall will receive a refund for housing, but will forfeit the housing deposit. Students who leave mid‐semester, or between semesters, will be charged a $500 cancellation fee and will not receive a refund on the remaining portion or the semester already completed. Students should notify if they wish to leave or are no longer keeping resident status. There is a housing cancellation form that all students who leave during the year will be asked to complete.

Move‐in is the same for all students. Those who are here early for athletics or other University‐related activities will be given a move‐in day and time and must meet that as well. For extenuating circumstances, requests should be made (at least two weeks ahead of time) to Those who come to campus after general move‐in time, must come in during normal business hours of 8:00 AM ‐ 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. Students must be cleared to move‐in by the University before they’re given a key or access to a room. No student may move in items ahead of checking in and being cleared. This includes spaces where another student is approved to be there early.

An RA is a student leader who is trained to be a resource for students in the halls and to enforce policies. RAs will help you on move-in day and will help to ensure you have the best experience possible living on campus. Professional staff members also live in our halls and serve on-call for emergencies.

Students in all residence areas will receive their mailing address once they move on to campus. The mailboxes are specific to individual rooms and are shared by roommates. All students can send/receive mail using our mail room on the first floor of Holy Family Hall. Packages that are delivered that are too large for student mailboxes will be given to the mail room.

The mail room will email all students when they receive these packages. Mailboxes are located in each building, including at the Garden Apartments. General addresses are:

Student's Name
9801 Frankford Avenue
SLR Box #### or GAR Box ###
Philadelphia, PA 19114

The mail room is not open on Saturdays or Sundays and is closed when the University is not open and for federal holidays. Students who need items during winter break are encouraged to put their home addresses to make sure they receive mail in a timely matter. During summer vacation, students should make sure to update their mailing addresses to their permanent addresses so they don't get mail here at the university. This includes magazine subscriptions, credit cards, bills, etc.

What NOT To Bring (not allowed, not exhaustive): bed risers, refrigerators larger than approx. 3 cubic feet, alcohol/drugs/paraphernalia (including shots or bottles for decoration), halogen bulbs, medusa lamps with plastic covers, appliances without automatic shut off (coffee pots, Keurigs, etc.), hot plates, extension cords, rope lighting, amplified instruments or drum sets, vaping or e-cigarettes (all smoking must be done at least 25 feet from the residence halls), drones, hoverboards, subwoofers, black lights, lava lamps, candles, grills, lighter fluid/gas, firearms, knives, weapons, portable heaters, paintball or other types of play guns, skateboards, pets (except for fish in a 5 gallon tank or smaller), fireworks, bikes (all must be kept outside on bike racks and we would then recommend a tarp and bike lock), old/second hand furniture that could bring in potential bugs or outside issues.

We have resident advisors in every area who do programs throughout each semester. In addition, we have an Engagement Office that does large, campus programs and clubs that are constantly holding events. We recommend students check out our involvement fair the first week of classes to see what they want to participate in. Most of our programs are free.

Housing assignments will go out the last week of July/first week of August, along with information about roommates and general move-in reminders.

Our help Desk is located in ETC 105 and can be reached at 267-341-3402. They will be available on move-in day to help students with any issues they have. Students can get their IDs from the Help Desk as well.

Feel free to contact our office: 267‐341‐3494 or Our staff is here to help assist you with whatever questions you have. We recommend all students become familiar with our Student Handbook and our policies and procedures.