Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Association of Holy Family University is composed of all full-time students.

Representation through the elected student government allows students to plan and implement programs that make all students an integral part of the University’s life and operation.

Executive Board

  • Ryan Neumann-Domer, President
  • Kathryn McCarty, Vice-President
  • Ryan Keller, Secretary
  • Dominic McAllister, Treasurer

Class of 2017 Representatives

  • Kelly Blumenstock, Senior Class President
  • Monica McGarvey
  • Rebecca Lawrence

Class of 2018 Representatives

  • Taurai Augustin, Junior Class President
  • Ashley Beam
  • Kayleen Hutchinson
  • Leanny Garcia

Class of 2019 Representatives

  • Patricia Kerwick, Sophomore Class President
  • Patrick Bampfield
  • Carolyn Gulliver
  • Ryan Foran
  • Erin O'Brien

Class of 2020 Representatives

  • Elizabeth Chukwuezi - Freshman Class President
  • Breyana Chavis
  • Nathalie Antonie
  • Sean Pirmann
  • Amber Welsh-Miller
  • Falanda Jean-Baptiste

Student Engagement Office: Forms

  • Pre-Event Form - All organizations must submit this form 4 weeks prior to the proposed event date.
  • Post-Event Form - All organizations must submit this form withing 48 hours of the completion of their event.
  • Fundraising Form - To participate in fundraising on campus, please submit this form 4 weeks prior to your proposed event date.
  • SIP Grant Form - To request additional funding for a new club or a new event.