Careers Center - Faculty


To obtain Careers Survey statistics please contact the Office of Institutional Research at 267-341-3614.

The Careers Center goal is to help students and alumni develop a successful vocational plan. We provide a variety of career services such as video taped mock interviews, cover letter/resume critique, interviewing skills, a career resource library, on-campus career fairs, as well as our online job posting board, which helps students find local job openings, sorted by School.

To help increase student awareness of the Careers Center, we would welcome the idea of coming into your class room and giving a brief 10 to 15-minute career presentation of our services to your students. Or if you would like we can give a presentation on any career-oriented topic of your choice.

Please feel free to give us a call at 267-341-3224 to schedule a class room presentation today.

Holy Family University's On-Line Job Board

  • Visit our On-Line Job Postings board and find current Full- and Part-Time job openings in the Greater Philadelphia area, by School.
  • The job board has dozens of local jobs and is updated on a regular basis.