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How to choose a GRE, GMAT, or MCAT Prep Course

ConsumerAffairs logoAre you considering attending Graduate School after your receive your Undergraduate Degree from Holy Family University? Below are some useful links we recommend to assist you in preparation for your potential graduate school

If so, please visit these useful links, which we recommend, to assist you in preparation for your potential graduate school experience. These links are provided as a courtesy from Holy Family University and ConsumerAffairs. As we all know, there are hundreds of different prep books and study methods out there, and it is tough for students to weed through all of it. That is why we have created a guide to choosing a graduate school prep course. The guide is meant to provide you with information on which study materials are right for you.

LinkedIn Job Search Guide

LinkedIn logoUse these career links to assist in your employment search:

Additional LinkedIn Resources:

Are you an Education student about to graduate and are pursuing a career in teaching?

Finders Teachers LogoVisit is a simple teacher recruiting website that quickly allows teachers and districts to find one another over our online platform.

Use the HFU promo code "Holy17", which will allow Holy Family University students the opportunity to create a free premium profile!

To learn more, please watch the video.

Get Help Improving your Performance on Employer Reasoning Tests

Practice Reasoning logoVisit Practice Reasoning's Website. It is an easy-to-use free resource that helps job seekers improve their performance at employer reasoning tests, which include personality, numerical, verbal, inductive reasoning, diagrammatic, logical, situational and psychometric tests.

Get a Free Personal Analysis of your Profile to Match Up With Employer Needs

TruePear logoVisit This is a website that helps students obtain jobs in the following ways: First it has students fill out a profile sheet about the their skills, education, work history, etc like on a resume, then the experts do a personal anaysis of each profile to match with employers their job needs. Then the experts email students the leads they feel would be the best match for the jobs they have. So they are actually taking the hard work of job searching out for our students and doing it for them.

Additional Career Resources for Graduating Students

Corporate Finance InstitutelogoAs a service to our students who are looking for additional career resources, these links are being offered to your free of charge from our partners at the Corporate Finance Institute. We invite you to explore these links in assisting your career goals.

Match Your Personality/Skill/Education to Your Idea Job

Visit JobScan's website. This website list many different types of resumes a student can choose from to match your personality/skill/education,etc. Once you complete a resume you cut/paste it to the website then next to your resume you cut/paste the companies entire job description. Then the magic happens, Jobscan searches what key words you need to have attached to your resume in order for recruiters to see it. This system can help students get their resume in front of recruiters easier now because Jobscan took the guess work out of what words are needed on a resume.

Explore Further with LogoVisit's website. not only does gives you job opportunities but also has answers to many career questions you as a Senior Class student might have when moving forward in your career.

School of Nursing Jobs

LiquidCompass LogoVisit the LiquidCompass website. Liquid Compass provides you with every nursing job in one place, updated every day!

Please feel free to give us a call at 267-341-3201 to seek assistance in your post-graduation plans.