Evacuation Plan for Individuals with a Physical Disability

Upon Alarm Sounding:

Contact Holy Family University Public Safety at:
267-341-3333 (Northeast Campus)
267-341-4011 (Newtown)

Use the Red Phone or call 911.
Give the person’s position and information on the emergency and any immediate danger the person is in. The person will be instructed on where to meet the Public Safety Officer/appropriate emergency service personnel.

If able, the person will move to the designated spot the emergency personnel has identified and await for emergency response. If unable, the person shall remain at present location and await emergency personnel.

Evacuation Chairs are located in most campus buildings and should be used if a student/staff/faculty/visitor does not have direct outside access or must use the stairs and is unable due to a physical disability or injury. An EVACUATION CHAIR must be used in this circumstance.

When an alarm or drill takes place please contact Public Safety at the above numbers, give location and that an evacu-chair is required. If Public Safety is unable to assist, a bystander can assist by following the simple directions on the Evacu-Chair. (Contact Counseling Center and Disability Services for prior training if necessary.)

Evacu-chairs are located in the following areas:

  • Stevenson Lane Residence Hall - 5th Floor East Stairwell
  • St. Joseph's Hall - 3rd Floor North Stairwell
  • Holy Family Hall - 4th Floor South Stairwell
  • Education & Technology Center - 4th Floor North Stairwell
  • Nursing Education Building - 4th Floor North Stairwell
  • Library - 2nd Floor South Stairwell
  • Newtown Campus - 2nd Floor, Chapel Stairwell
  • Campus Center - Please contact Public Safety for assistance. 267-341-3333