Evacuation Plan for Students with Physical Disabilities

Evacuation Plan for Students with Physical Disabilities

Northeast Philadelphia Campus

Upon Alarm Sounding:

Student/Staff Response

  • Dial 911 from an on campus phone, which will connect directly with a dispatcher from the local emergency services department.
  • A red phone may also be used, but the red phone will only connect the student/staff with Holy Family University security.
  • If student/staff is not able to get to a University issued phone, the student/staff may use a cell phone to dial 911.
  • Contact and inform Holy Family Security at EXT 3333 of student's position and give information on the emergency (fire alarm, a serious fall, etc.) and any immediate danger student is in. The student/staff will be instructed on where to meet the public safety officer/appropriate emergency services personnel.
  • If able, student/staff will get to the designated spot the emergency personnel has identified and await emergency response. If unable, student/staff shall remain at present location and await emergency personnel.

Holy Family University Response

  • Answer and determine location of call from student/staff
  • Direct student on where to meet the designated officer – PLEASE BE SPECIFIC
  • Go to designated area and meet student

Evacuation Chair

If student/staff is on a level of a building in which he or she does not have direct outside access or must use stairs, an EVACUATION CHAIR must be used. Go to the stored location of evacuation chairs and bring chair to student in need. Evacuation chairs are located in all campus buildings (with more than one floor) in the following areas:

  • Campus Center – 2nd Floor, west stairwell
  • Holy Family Hall – 4th Floor, south stairwell
  • Education & Technology Center – 4th Floor, north stairwell
  • Library – 2nd Floor, south stairwell
  • Nursing Education Building – 4th Floor, south stairwell
  • St. Joseph's Hall – 3rd Floor, north stairwell
  • Holy Family - Newtown