DPT School Entrance Exams

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that should be taken at least 8 weeks before the application deadline. It consists of a verbal reasoning section, a quantitative Reasoning section, and an analytical writing. Additional information regarding the GRE can be found here.

Once you take the GRE, the Physical Therapist Application Service (PTCAS) will release your official GRE scores to a designated program only if you arrange for ETS to send scores to that particular program’s “PTCAS GRE code.” Additional information and a list of codes can be found here.

Not all professional programs participate in PTCAS. Applicants who wish to apply to a NON-participating PTCAS program must apply directly to the institution using that program’s local application.

A list of non-PTCAS institutions can be found here.