Staying Close during Trying Times: Updates from Holy Family University

March 18, 2020

Dear Holy Family University Community,

As we engage in our first “official” day of virtual activities at the University, I want you to know that our prayers are with you and your families as our extended community pulls together to manage and respond to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). With the advent of spring, the Lenten season and current events, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to sacrifice for the benefit of others, and I’m inspired by what I’ve seen so far.

I could not be more grateful to our faculty and staff for getting up and running so quickly to meet this educational challenge. This has certainly been a learning experience for all of us, as we work to deliver a new academic experience that meets the needs and high expectations of our students. I’m sure there will be some fits and starts and a few glitches, but I’m confident that we will be able to work through and overcome any hurdles along the way.

To our students: Please know that you are not alone in this shift to an online education. You are now pioneers in an online learning movement that is taking place across campuses throughout our country. As always, we remain committed to your continued success, and the whole of the University is here to support you as you embark on learning how to learn in a different way. 

To the families and friends of our students: We cherish those whom you have entrusted to us, and we have made every operational decision with our students’ health, safety, and well-being as our top priority. In the past week, we’ve taken many steps to continue our academic mission and support continuous University operations. Please stay in touch to let us know if you have any questions or concerns - or to share your success stories. We appreciate your input and involvement in the Holy Family experience.

I also want to thank our alumni and friends of the University for your everlasting support of our students and our mission. We couldn’t do any of this without you. While we have had to cancel or postpone some events, we are finding new ways to stay in touch to celebrate our mutual commitment to scholarship and academic innovation. 

Together, we all exemplify the oneness of our human community -- helping each other so all of us can arrive at a better place. With time, we will get there. It’s hard to predict when, but I’m certain that we will be an even stronger community as a result. Just check our website updates to see how we’ve moved mountains in just one week. 

I’m proud of all of us, and I hope we all feel proud of ourselves for all we are set to accomplish together this spring semester. Please stay home and stay safe. While we are physically distanced, I hope we will remain socially connected through our digital channels and good old-fashioned phone communications.


Sister Maureen McGarrity, CSFN, PhD