James R. Huber


Associate Professor

BA, Psychology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
MS, Family Studies/Family Life Education, Purdue University
PhD, Child & Family Development/Marriage & Family Therapy, Virginia Tech

Courses Taught

Coun 504, Introduction to Counseling Skills: Lab I
Coun 507, Counseling Multicultural and Diverse Populations
Coun 516, Professional Orientation and Ethics: Marriage and Family Therapy
Coun 523, Couple Therapy
Coun 534, Advanced Family Therapy: Lab 2 Working with Children and Families
Coun 550, Advanced Family Counseling: Systems Approaches
Cnfm 560/561/563, Internship I, II, III: Marriage and Family Therapy
Psyc 101, General Psychology

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

Dr. Huber's approach to higher education and learning can be summarized in three basic assumptions or beliefs: (1) Each person is unique and brings many strengths, questions, needs, and experiences to class. (2) The best teachers encourage a supportive, creative, and fun interaction around the subject at hand. (3) The best students find new ways to enhance their learning by participating fully in a variety of course activities. As the old Irish saying goes: "There is joy in the dance when all feet are moving and each toe is respected."

Recent Presentations/Publications

Huber, J. R. (in press). Book review of "Solution-focused supervision: A resource-oriented
approach to developing clinical expertise" by Frank Thomas. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, xx(x), xxx.

Huber, J. R. (2012). Book review of "Engaging men in couples therapy" by Shepard &

Harway. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 38(3), 570.

Huber, J.R. (2013). Two poems and two photographs in FOLIO, Holy Family University's
annual literary journal, Vol. 36, Spring, 2013.

Huber, J. R. (2012). Two poems and two photographs in FOLIO, Holy Family University's
annual literary journal, Vol. 35, Spring, 2012.


Awards and Honors

Honorary Member of Golden Key International Honor Society, 2012

James R. Huber
Office: NWT 107
Phone: 267-341-4009