Fr. Mark J. Hunt


Associate Professor, Religious Students, Graduate Counseling Psychology

BA, Philosophy, St Charles Seminary,
MA, Theology, St Charles Seminary,
STL and STD, Systematic Theology, Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Rome

Courses Taught

Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures
Introduction to the Four Gospels
Basics of the Catholic Faith
Gospel of Mark
Gospel of Matthew
Gospel of Luke
Gospel of John
Jesus the Christ
St Augustine seminar
Evolution and Eschatology seminar
Thought of Teilhard de Chardin seminar
Suffering and Hope
History of Spirituality for Pastoral Counseling

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

"The difficult part of our task is not in giving rules about [covering the content]. No, our greatest concern is much more about how to make it possible for those who offer instruction to do so with joy. For the more they succeed in this, the more appealing they will be. But for cheerfulness to be present at the opportune time depends on the compassion of the teacher." (St Augustine)

Recent Presentations/Publications


Additional Info

"Concepts create idols; only wonder comprehends anything. People kill one another over idols. Wonder makes us fall to our knees." (St Gregory of Nyssa, Life of Moses)

Fr. Mark J. Hunt
Office: NWT 211/HFH 321
Phone: 267-341-4045