Jenai Grigg


Associate Professor

PhD, Gerontology, University of Massachusetts Boston

Courses Taught

Introductory Sociology
Social Problems
Social Theory
Marriage and Family
Adult Development and Aging
Race, Class, and Gender
Aging in America
Sociology of the City
Junior Seminar
Civic Engagement
Senior Seminar

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

My goals as a teacher include fostering creative and critical thinking, instilling a sense of responsibility for others, and engaging students in the sociology course content in order to create more productive members of society. American Sociologist Raphael Ezekiel wrote, "Critical thinkers represent the exception among humans, not the norm." He goes on to suggest that common-sense thinkers, lacking the need for evidence demanded by critical thinkers, readily accept whatever society suggests. In order to escape the fate of the common-sense thinkers, students need to think for themselves and be practiced at ascertaining the relevance and credibility of the information at their disposal.

Jenai Grigg
Office: HFH 309
Phone: 267-341-3443