Michael Markowitz, PhD

Vice President of Academic Affairs, Professor of Criminal Justice

Ph.D. Sociology, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Areas of Concentration: Criminology and the Sociology of Education


M.A. Sociology, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

M.A. Criminal Justice, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ

B.A. Criminal Justice, Stockton College, Pomona, NJ


Courses Taught

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
Introduction to Sociology
Advanced Research in Criminal Justice


The American Criminal Justice System: Theory & Practice
Criminological Theory
Research Methods in Criminal Justice
Data Collection & Analysis in Criminal Justice


Teaching Focus/Philosophy

A central aim for me as an educator is to create a learning environment that guides students to a place of understanding the integral connections between theory, research and social practice. Blending the disciplines of sociology, criminology and criminal justice whenever possible, this approach provides a dynamic framework for the comprehensive education of our future leaders in the areas of law, justice and social welfare.

Recent Presentations/Publications

Markowitz, Michael W. & Christopher Salvatore
2012 "Exploring Race-Based Differences in Patterns of Life-Course Criminality."
Deviant Behavior 33:1-17.


Hirschinger-Blank, Nancy & Michael W. Markowitz
2006 "An Evaluation of a Pilot Service-Learning Course for Criminal Justice Undergraduate Students." Journal of Criminal Justice Education. 17(1): 1-18.

Markowitz, Michael W.
2003 "There's No Place Like Home: An Empirical Test of the "Safe Haven" Hypothesis." Corrections Compendium 28(1): 1-4, 29-30.

Markowitz, Michael W. & Delores D. Jones-Brown (eds.)
2000 The System in Black and White: Exploring the Connections between Race, Crime and Justice. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers.

Salvatore, Christopher & Michael W. Markowitz
In Press "Do Life Course Transitions and Social Bonds Influence Males and Females
Differently? Gender Contrasts and Criminality." Accepted for publication in Deviant Behavior

Salvatore, Christopher, Michael W. Markowitz & Christopher E. Kelly
In Press "Assessing Public Confidence in the Criminal Justice System." Accepted for
publication in International Social Science Review.


Awards and Honors

American Council on Education Fellowship, 2005-2006

Placement: John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, NY

Widener University, College of Arts & Sciences, Teaching Excellence Award,
January 2000

Widener University, Pi Gamma Mu (National Social Science Honor Society) Teaching Excellence Award, April 1996


Michael Markowitz, PhD
Office: HFH 227
Phone: 267-341-3286