Jennifer DeCicco


Assistant Professor

BA, Psychology, Rider University
PhD, Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience, The Graduate and University Center of the City University of New York (CUNY)

Courses Taught

Physiological Psychology
Statistics for SBS
Scientific Writing
Internship I/II
Seminar in Contemporary Issues in Psychology
Psychological Assessment
Lifespan Development
Research Methods

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

In my courses and in research experiences I hope to foster critical thinking and intellectual curiosity in my students. I am particularly interested in engaging students in research experiences to expand and apply their knowledge of psychology.

Recent Presentations/Publications

Wenze, S., Pohoryles, A., & DeCicco, J. (2019). Helicopter parenting and emotion regulation in US college students. Psi Chi Journal.

Wenze, S., Gaugler, T., Sheets, E., & DeCicco, J. (2018). Momentary experiential avoidance: Within-person correlates, antecedents, and consequences and between-person moderators. Behaviour Research and Therapy. 107, 42-52. doi:

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DeCicco, J.M., O'Toole, L. & Dennis, T.A. (2015). The late positive potential as a marker for emotional processing and cognitive reappraisal in school aged children. Developmental Neuropsychology.

O'Toole, L., DeCicco, J.M., Berthod, S., & Dennis, T.A. (2013). The N170 to angry faces predicts anxiety in typically developing children over a two-year period. Developmental Neuropsychology, 38(5), 352-63.

Kessel, E.M., Huselid, R., DeCicco, J.M., & Dennis, T.A. (2013). Parent child goodness-of-fit and emotional behavior: A neurophysiological study.

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Dennis, T.A., O'Toole, L., & DeCicco, J.M. (2012). Emotion regulation from the perspective of developmental neuroscience: What, where, when, and why. In K. Barrett (Ed.), Handbook of Self-Regulatory Processes in Development: New Directions and International Perspectives. New York, NY: Routledge

O'Toole, L., DeCicco, J.M., Hong, M., & Dennis, T.A. (2011). The impact of emotional distracters on attention in three domains: Effects of specific emotions, salience, and task difficulty. Emotion, 1322-1330.

Additional Info

My primary research interest involves using multiple physiological (central and peripheral) and behavioral measures to example developmental changes in emotion regulation over the lifespan. That is how physiological responses to emotional events or information change over the lifespan. Currently at Holy Family University, my lab utilizes physiological measures to capture brain activity (EEG), heart rate (ECG), and other peripheral physiological measures. My research seeks to identify what responses characterize adaptive (skilled) or maladaptive regulation in young children through older adulthood.

Students who are interested in becoming a research assistant or conducting independent research for research practicum credit in Dr. DeCicco's Emotion Regulation and Physiology (ERP) Lab should contact Dr. DeCicco via email.

Jennifer DeCicco
Office: HFH 406E
Phone: 267-341-3550