Daniel Bramer


Assistant Professor

PhD, Drew University
MA, Theological Studies, Nazarene Theological Seminary
BA, Philosophy and Psychology, Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Courses Taught

Introduction to Philosophy
Honors Introduction to Philosophy
Law and Media Ethics
Contemporary Moral Philosophy

Religious Studies:
Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures
Adult Spirituality
Religion in America
World Religions

Other Courses:
Media and Culture
English Composition II

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

Our lives should be better. The Academy is realized whenever and wherever it makes real life, in the real world, better. And life is realized whenever and wherever it is dangerous, terrifying, exhilarating, transforming. In a word, wonderful.

I want my students to be better. This means confronting them with tough questions about who we are, what we are doing here, and how we should be in the world. It means provoking them to come to grips with how astonishingly important their lives really are. It means kindling in them a fire of insatiable curiosity and daring adventure. It means equipping them with the critical tools necessary to navigate along the way. And it means investing them with personal responsibility, and holding them accountable to think, to work, and to live with absolute integrity and authenticity.

Of course, I also never want any student to leave my classes without knowing that it's okay to laugh as we go. A lot. If we aren't laughing while we learn and live, we probably aren't doing it right.

Additional Info

Research Interests:
Philosophy of Religion
Sacrifice in the Ancient Near East
Eucharistic Theology
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy and Religion in Pop Culture


Daniel Bramer
Office: HFH 315
Phone: 267-341-3647