Patricia Griffin


Director Grad Program in Criminal Justice/Asst Professor

PhD, Criminal Justice, Temple University
MA, Sociology, University of Delaware
BS, Sociology, Saint Joseph's University

Courses Taught

Advanced Research Methods
American Criminal Justice System
Planning, Program Development and Evaluation in Criminal Justice
Research Methods in Criminal Justice
Professional Seminar: Graduate Culminating Experience

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

Teaching criminal justice is a wonderful privilege. I seek to foster a student-centered learning environment grounded in the principles of active learning. I am particularly excited about opportunities to engage with students wherever they are in their academic and professional journey - whether undergraduate or advanced graduate studies - to examine justice. My greatest joy comes from mentoring students.

Recent Presentations/Publications

Griffin, P.M. (2017). Providing student-centered support for adult students.(23-34), in Academic Transformation: A design approach for the New Majority by Eric Malm and Margueirite Weber (eds.) Rowman & Littlefield, New York.

Kocher, C.J., Griffin, P.M., Stocker, D.K. (2013). Why Scholar-Practitioner for Criminal Justice, The Scholar-Practitioner Quarterly, 6(2), 65-72.

Stocker, D.K., Griffin, P.M., Kocher, C.J., & Raquet, T.M. (2012). Agroterrorism: Risk Assessment and Proactive Responses. The Homeland Security Review: A Journal of the Institute for Law and Public Policy, 5(1): 17-32.

Stocker, D.K., Griffin, P. M., &Kocher, C. J. (2012). Evaluating the Use and Knowledge of Web 2.0 Technology among Criminal Justice students at Two-Year and Graduate Level Institutions of Higher Learning, Sociological Viewpoints, Fall: 77-94.

Stocker, D.K., Griffin, P. M., Kocher, C. J. (2010), A Functionalist’s Perspective of Bioterrorism and Global Adversity, The Homeland Security Review: A Journal of the Institute for Law and Public Policy, 4(1): 1-12.

Stocker, D.K., Griffin, P. M., and Kocher, C. J. (2010). Corrections to Classrooms: Applying the Scholar-Practitioner Model, NJ Corrections Now, 1(8): 24.

Griffin, P.M., Stocker, D.K. & Kocher, C. J. (2011). Why Scholar-Practitioner for Criminal Justice. The Chief of Police, 24(3): 29-30.

Stocker, D.K., Griffin, P.M., & Kocher, K. J. (2010). Revisiting the Use of Electro-Muscular Devices (taser) After a Decade of Debate, The Chief of Police, 24: 23-25.

Stocker, D.K., Griffin, P.M., & Kocher, C.J. (2010). Preparing for Business-Oriented Continuity Planning, Sheriff, 62(2): 14-16.

Additional Info

Member, Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Criminal Justice Advisory Board
Senior International Research Consultant, United Nations Office of Drug Control, East Africa
Research Associate and Community Liaison, First Responders Addiction Treatment Program (Livengrin Foundation, Inc)

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Published 10-5-17
Getting to Know: Dr. Patricia Griffin

Patricia Griffin
Office: NWT 211
Phone: 267-341-4035