Kathleen Quinn



BSW, Social Administration, Temple University
MEd, Psychology of Reading, Temple University
PhD, Psychological Studies, Temple University

Courses Taught

Developmental Reading
Reading Assessment & Instruction
Integrated Language Arts & Children's Lit
Classroom Management I & II.
Supervision of junior level practicum students
Supervision of Student Teachers
Process & Pedagogy
Psychology of Reading
Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties
Remediation of Reading Difficulties
Administration & Organization of Reading Programs
Seminar in Reading Research
Graduate Reading Clinic & Supervised Clinical Experience
Supervision of Graduate Student Teachers
Seminar in Curriculum Development for the newly developed Reading Supervisor Program,Practicum for Reading Supervisors
Master's Thesis.
Ethics & Literacy
Leadership Seminar

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

I believe that all students can learn with motivation and engagement as well as dynamic and experienced teachers to guide and coach them. Learners are not all the same, and even at the graduate level, we need to vary our style and approach in order to differentiate instruction. We should model for our students what we want them to become. We can't 'talk the talk' without 'walking the walk'.


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Peer-Reviewed Lessons:
Quinn, K. B. (2003). Cultural understanding lesson. http://www.ReadWriteThink.org/

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Awards and Honors

Graduate Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships for M.Ed. and Ph.D., Temple University, Phila., PA
Fellowship for Doctoral Studies, 1991-92, Temple University, Phila., PA
Teaching Excellence Award, 1998-99, Holy Family College, Phila., PA
Ray L. Taylor Award for Faculty Development, 1999, Holy Family College, Phila., PA
Sabbatical, 2000, Holy Family College
Golden Toga Award, 2001, Faculty Senate, Holy Family College
Faculty Senate Appreciation Award, 2002, Faculty Senate, Holy Family College
Ray L. Taylor Award for Faculty Development, 2002, Holy Family College, Phila., PA
Lindback Teaching Excellence Award, 2002, Holy Family College, Phila., PA
Organization of Teacher Educator's in Reading (OTER) Award for Significant Contribution to Knowledege in the Field of Reading Education. With Tony & Mary Applegate. Spring 2002, International Reading Association Conference, San Francisco, CA.
Ray L. Taylor Award for Faculty Development, 2003, Holy Family University
Sabbatical, 2006, Holy Family University
Who's Who, American Teachers, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
Ray L. Taylor Award for Faculty Development, 2011, Holy Family University

Invited Participant. Miller, J.A., Piekarski, D., Hanson, H., Katz, R. & Quinn, K.B. (1997). Frankford Cluster's Children's Literacy Agenda. $4.5 Million Annenberg Grant awarded December 1997. Successfully implemented and completed Fall 1998-Summer 2000.

Invited participant in Coca Cola Grant Application with Pennsbury School District. Not funded.

Ray L. Taylor Award for Faculty Development, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, & 2011 Holy Family University

Munoz-Woodcock Foundation Grant, Awarded $5860, December 2004. Implemented January-December, 2005.

WalMart Literacy Grant, Awarded $1500, 2004, Implemented 2005-2008.

Strategic Planning Grant, Awarded $2,000, 2007, Holy Family University


Additional Info

I have presented throughout the United States and around the world, including Africa, Germany, China, Belgium, and, this summer, in Sweden. I have many publications in peer-reviewed journals such as The Reading Teacher, Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, The Journal of Reading Education, and ReadWriteThink.org. My books related to assessment, (most notably The Critical Reading Inventory, 2nd ed.), teacher preparation, working with struggling readers, and comprehension development are being used throughout the country. Recently, I have been an invited author for The Buros Mental Measurements Yearbook. I have also been involved in numerous partnerships with many schools both in and around Philadelphia and have developed many positive, on-going professional relationships with former students as they take on leadership positions in their schools.

Outside of work, Kathleen is an avid reader and traveler. She loves music, baseball, baking/cooking, and swimming.


Kathleen Quinn
Office: ETC 326
Phone: 267-341-3431