Stacy McDonald


Associate Professor, Coordinator of Social and Behavioral Sciences

BA, Psychology, Holy Family University
MA, Psychology, University of Delaware
PhD, Psychology (Social Concentration), University of Delaware

Courses Taught

General Psychology (F2F and Online)
Social Psychology
Internship I and II
Quantitative Research Methods
Advanced Research Methods
Junior Seminar in Psychology
Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Psychology

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

I strive to help students become excited about the field of Psychology by making the learning process enjoyable, yet challenging. I value the opportunities I have to mentor my students and offer support and guidance as they make decisions regarding their educational and career goals.


DellaPietra, L., Meyer, M.L., McDonald, S.A., & Dasch-Yee, K. (2012, January). Self-rated class participation: Does mid-semester feedback increase congruency between student and professor ratings? Poster presented at the thirty fourth annual National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology, St. Pete Beach, FL.

Additional Info

"Holy Family University welcomes and cares for students, faculty, and staff as members of a diverse but interconnected family." This is the core value of our mission that I recognized the most and sincerely appreciated when I was an undergraduate student at Holy Family. It is also one of the core values that brought me back to Holy Family as a faculty member.

Stacy McDonald
Office: HFH 308A
Phone: 267-341-3549