Roseanna Wright



BA, Psychology, Kean College of NJ
MAEd, Special Education, Castleton State College
PhD, Special Education, Temple University

Courses Taught

Foundations of Inclusive Education
Effective Instruction in Inclusive Education
Special Education Systems
Transition: Special Education from School to Adult Life
Family and Consultative Models
Including Students with Significant Support Needs

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

I view my role in teaching as that of a facilitator of student learning. I strongly believe that students learn best when they are actively engaged in their learning and when they are provided with multiple means of accessing and engaging with the materials and curriculum. As instructor, it is my responsibility to make sure that all students are able to access the learning environment whether in the classroom or online.

Additional Info

My current passion and research focus is on the design, instruction and management of blended courses i.e. courses that provide a combination of face-to-face with online classes. My current research in this area includes exploring ways to make the blended course accessible to all students, to provide professional development and support to faculty new to this course delivery format, and to ensure equivalent learning experiences to that of traditional courses.

Roseanna Wright
Office: ETC 428
Phone: 267-341-4038