Roger W. Gee


Professor / Division Chair Graduate Studies / ESL

BS, English Education, Mansfield State College
MS, Reading, Elmira College
MA, Spanish, University of Arizona
MEd, English as a Second Language, Temple
PhD, Reading/Language Arts, University of Pennsylvania

Courses Taught

EDUC 539, Linguistics for Language Teachers
EDUC 546, Second Language Acquisition
EDUC 547, Teaching Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learners
EDUC 548, Assessment and Program Design for ESL Students
EDUC 534, Literature in the Second Language Classroom
EDUC 516, Teaching Reading and Writing to ESL Students
EDUC 629, Second Language Vocabulary: Learning, and Using
EDUC 631, Classroom Research in Second Language Literacy
EDUC 834, Leadership in a Linguistically & Culturally Diverse Society

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

The goal of teaching is for everyone to succeed.

Recent Presentations/Publications

Gee, R. (in press). Is 'large problem' an English collocation? PeruTESOL Magazine
Gee, R. (2013). Bringing Corpora into Teacher Education. On CALL, p. 1,
Pereira, H, Ramos, L., & Gee, R. (2010). Here and there: Young people in Chile and the USA. Universidad Arturo Prat: Iquique, Chile.
Quinn, K. B. & Gee, R. W. (2010). A glance into a Chinese English Language classroom: De-bunking the myth and sharing our observations. PennTESOL-EAST Voices, 34, 6-9. Available at
Gee, R. (2000). Discovering the interdependency of living things: Earthworms. In S. Irujo (Ed.), Integrating the ESL standards into classroom practice, grades 6-8 (pp. 145-169). Alexandria, VA: TESOL.
Gee, R. (1999). Encouraging ESL students to read. TESOL Journal, 8 (1), 3-7.
Gee, R. (1996). Reading/writing workshops for the ESL classroom. TESOL Journal, 5 (3), 5-9

Additional Info

I have a particular interest in classroom applications of language corpora. Corpora enable us to confirm intuitions about language use, explore forms and patterns, prepare materials, and inform our teaching.

Roger W. Gee
Office: ETC 435
Phone: 267-341-3575