Jinsy Mathew


Course Coordinator and Nursing Instructor

Immaculata University, MSN, Nursing Education
St. Martha's College of Nursing India, BSN

Courses Taught

Traditional and 2nd degree Fast Track Nursing Courses:

Fundamentals of Nursing
Medical Surgical Nursing
Psychiatric Nursing

Teaching Focus/Philosophy

Nursing is the most caring profession which requires huge critical thinking and clinical judgment. Being a nurse of many years has given me the opportunity to care, critically think and, use clinical judgment skills for better patient outcomes. Now it’s my turn to give back to nursing education by preparing competent nurses. Teaching is my passion and my personal goal is to emphasize the core concepts that may facilitate new thinking and learning processes within my learning community. My teaching philosophy fueling the passion most relates to humanism.

I believe that the desire and readiness of the learner in the learning process is important to achieve better outcomes. The motivational factor from the learner helps the learner to achieve maximum knowledge and skill which helps them to be successful. As an effective teacher I will make sure to increase the motivational level of the learners by using different strategies. Empowering the student learner to master the subject matter and maintain a positive attitude is essential in learning. As a teacher, I would like to know the readiness and previous knowledge of the student learner which helps me to prepare definite objectives, different teaching strategies, and thus imparting respect and humanity.

As an educator, my mission is to ignite the passion in my learners similar to my own passion for education. Providing a high-quality learning environment which results in explorative ideas and thoughts by both the teacher and learner, facilitates effective learning. Critical thinking skills are embedded in nursing education and play an important role in the overall success of the learner. Using critical thinking skills and strategies, applying the knowledge gained to perform effectively and provide patient safety, is of the utmost priority. As an educator, I believe I should be able to impart critical thinking onto the learners and help them to understand how to utilize it in a clinical setting. As a nursing educator, my ultimate goal is to prepare professional, safe and competent nurses.

Additional Info

Member of PLN and Sigma Theta Honor Society.

Jinsy Mathew
Office: NWT 112 | NEB G-23
Phone: 267-341-4791