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Second Language Profile

The second language requirement at Holy Family University is met by the completion of six (6) credits of study at the level appropriate to your background and prior study.

The languages offered at Holy Family University are French, Italian, and Spanish.

We recommend that you continue studying the language you previously studied in high school. Depending on your years of study and grades, you will complete the requirements at one of the following levels: 1) Introductory; 2) Intermediate; or 3) Advanced. However, if you wish to begin a second language different from the one studied in high school, please indicate your selection below.

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Do you speak a language other than English?
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Senior Year Courses

Please list all courses completed, currently enrolled, or plan to take in your Senior year. Include your most recent grade in the course.

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Advanced Placement Profile

While in high school, did you take advanced placement courses?
Did you take the test required to be eligible to be awarded Advanced Placement credits?

Important: Please make sure an official transcript of your Advanced Placement testing results are sent to Holy Family University. This transcript must be received by the office of the Associate Vice President for Academic Service in order to post credit. Official transcripts from ETS are required to be evaluated for Advanced Placement credits. The high school does not send official transcripts for Advanced Placement course credits.

While in high school, did you take courses through a College or University as part of a program offered through your high school?

Undecided Majors

This portion of the placement form, is relevant to those who are looking to declare themselves as an "Undecided" major.
Will you be entering Holy Family University as an "Undecided" major?

While entering Holy Family University as an "Undecided" major, you will selecting that you have interest in the following areas of study. (The information provided will be used as a guide in rostering courses).  Note: Those who may be planning majors in science and/or math could be delayed in degree completion if declaration is not made early.

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