The Value of Family

Nationally recognized. You've seen the stats: The Economist, Money, and NPR all rank us as a top value school.

Recognized by you. You've seen the faces on billboards, postcards, and ads. What you may not realize is that they are actual students here at Holy Family University. Learn more about them; you may just get to know one another next year.

MPostaski ProfileMeagan Postaski
Major: Nursing
School of Nursing & Allied Health Professions

My favorite thing about Holy Family University is the fact that you gain a sense of community. You truly get the family atmosphere here because everyone cares about you and your future goals. If you are looking for somewhere to go that will help you feel accepted, Holy Family is the place for you.

I chose my major because I have a passion for making a difference in people's lives. I love interacting with people, and sometimes all they want to see is a little bit of kindness.

After I graduate, I plan to move back to my roots and find a hospital that will help me pay for graduate school. My main goal is to become a nurse practitioner, and I feel that HFU has the tools that will help me get there.

I went on the Sweden/Finland study abroad trip last spring. This trip was amazing because you are immersing yourself in that country's culture and learning from sight instead of reading from a book. It is a great opportunity to see different parts of the world and make friendships that will last a lifetime all while exposing yourself to a different, learning atmosphere.


JJordan ProfileJuwan Jordan
Major: Sport Marketing-Management
School of Business Administration

My favorite thing about Holy Family is being able to gain a great education while being a student-athlete.

I decided to become a Sport Marketing-Management Major because I enjoy all sports and love to learn how operations around stadiums or a sports league runs. Also, being able to work for a Professional team has always been my dream. I was grateful to gain a job with the Phillies in 2015 through me being a part of the Sport Marketing-Management program.

After I graduate, I plan to continue working within the Phillies organization, which began with my internship through Holy Family's Experiential Learning program, and to be able to chase my dream job of being a sports commentator.

Life on campus as a resident student is exciting. Resident Advisers hold programs every week to bring students together for various activities--for example, game nights, cooking late night, and sports events.


BSmith ProfileBrion Smith
Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry
School of Arts & Sciences

My favorite thing about Holy Family University is the intimate class sizes. The professors are able to focus on you as a student and not a number.

I chose my major because when I initially applied to college I knew that I wanted to study science, but I was not sure what I would want to do after I graduated. Biology is a very broad topic and it is extremely flexible, which is what I was aiming for.

After I graduate, I plan to continue my studies at the master's level, obtaining a degree in environmental science while working at the Environmental Protection Agency. While studying at Holy Family University, I have participated in various clubs and committees like the Albertans Club (science), Environmental Committee, and the Green Team. I am currently completing my internship for this semester, which will prepare me for the workforce.


RKeller ProfileRyan Keller
Major: Communications
School of Arts & Sciences

My favorite thing about Holy Family University is the different impact the University keeps having on me. Everyday is a new adventure with Holy Family University. I'm always learning something new about my field of study.

After I graduate, I plan on getting a job in one of the city departments. My goal is to one day run for Mayor of Philadelphia.

At Holy Family University, I was also offered the chance to study abroad in Finland and Sweden. That trip was my first time out of the country. It truly was an incredible experience and simply life-changing.


JUlmos ProfileJessica Ulmos
Major: PreK-4/Special Education
School of Education

My favorite thing about Holy Family is how it is more than just a school. Everyone is so nice and accepting; it's like being part of a family. I chose Holy Family University because its education program really prepares you to become a teacher and makes you feel comfortable with going out in the field.

I chose my major because I wanted to help kids who have special needs. Everyone deserves the chance to a great education and I just want to give them what they deserve. I was inspired to my career path by a movie about twin boys born with autism and their mom's journey as an advocate. I also worked at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children and loved meeting and playing with all the kids.

After graduation, I plan to become a special education teacher for early education students. I would like to focus on children with autism or provide help with learning support.