Strategic Pillar 3: Engage Beyond Boundaries

This pillar captures our aspiration to do two critical things: expand our scope of influence and attract and retain diverse populations of students, faculty, staff, and trustees. In so doing, we will position Holy Family University as an actively engaged member of a global community through strategic partnerships, networking relationships, new market development, and bold new engagement opportunities for students, faculty and staff that emphasize regional, national and global responsibility.

A. We will explore and pursue strategic relationships to advance the University.

  • Seek potential strategic alliances, partnerships, or collaborative relationships with other institutions with similar missions, or a strategically defined network of institutions to capitalize on the individual and collective strengths of all members for mutual benefit.
  • Build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with business and industry in the greater Philadelphia area through the creation of a Corporate Partnership Program.

B. We will provide a global Holy Family University experience for students and faculty.

  • Identify opportunities for partnerships and exchanges with a university to enable study abroad opportunities in both directions for students and faculty.
  • Create opportunities for the presence of international students to expand cultural understanding for all students.
  • Promote and incentivize semester-long and 2–3-week study abroad experiences for credit.
  • Increase opportunities for exchange study domestically.

C. We will encourage, support and shape opportunities for Community Engagement.

  • Create strong and enduring relationships with our local community, as an extension of “Family”, to provide enriching student service and community-based learning opportunities and tangible support and strength to our neighborhoods.
  • Redesign the Family Center as a source of significant outreach and service to the community with participation from students, faculty, and staff, and alumni.

D. We will implement comprehensive strategies to attract a more diverse student population at all academic levels, faculty, staff, and trustees.

  • Diversify the student body through the identification of new markets and populations (ethnic, geographic, transfers); develop recruitment strategies and marketing tactics to achieve goals.
  • Leverage our campus as an attractive location to host sports and academic summer camps to serve the community and market programs.
  • Adopt best practices in employee and trustee recruitment to achieve diversity in all applicant pools and in identifying potential members for the Board.