Honors Program

Holy Family University's Honors Program offers qualified students personalized and engaging coursework in a close-knit community of peers. As a student in the Honors Program, you will be offered Honors versions of select core courses.

Each year, you will be afforded the opportunity to participate in on-campus activities, cultural outings, and service activities designed to immerse you in all that the city of Philadelphia has to offer, and provide you with useful resume-building experiences. Toward the end of your four years at Holy Family, you will participate in a research symposium, during which you'll present work you've created under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Finally, as a senior you'll participate in an Honors Capstone course, which incorporates all of the skills and knowledge you've accumulated during your time in the Honors Program at Holy Family University.

In all, the Honors Program is designed to offer you the opportunity to:

  • Be a part of a small community of motivated students who all want to deeply learn, explore, and question.
  • Enroll in innovative Honors courses. These seminar-style classes are designed to foster independent thinking, and with a cap of twenty students, each offers ample opportunity for participation and discussion. Honors students are required to take eight Honors courses, all of which also fulfill General Education Core requirements.
  • Become intellectually engaged through collaboration with faculty and students.
  • Pursue independent research and scholarship and present your work at local and national Honors Conferences.
  • Participate in service-learning activities with your fellow Honors Program students.
  • Attend cultural events in Philadelphia.
  • Get involved in campus academic and social events.
  • Enjoy a priority registration period.
  • Be recognized as an Honors Program graduate at commencement and on your transcript.
  • Distinguish yourself as an Honors Program graduate, which sets you apart from other applicants for jobs, professional training, and graduate schools.

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Honors Coursework

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Honors Admissions Requirements

The Honors Program works closely with Admissions to develop guidelines for selecting a group of top students from every class of applicants to the university. In a given application cycle, this normally involves a minimum high-school GPA of 3.5, and a minimum combined math/verbal SAT score of 1130, though both figures may fluctuate somewhat.

Once a group of candidates is identified, these candidates are notified of their eligibility to apply for the Honors Program. They then have the opportunity to submit an application, which typically involves a short essay response to a question. The Honors Council examines these responses and from them selects an incoming class of Honors students—approximately twenty each year.

Honors Council

Kimberly Dasch-Yee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
Honors Program Director

Shannon Brown, MSLS
Executive Director, Library Services

Jan W. Buzydlowski, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Business Analytics

Lauren Campbell, MA
Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Margaret Harkins, DNP, MBE, CRNP, GNP-BC, RN-BC
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dean, School of Nursing & Health Sciences

Kimberly Heuschkel, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor, Education
Early Childhood PreK-4 Certification Specialist

Father Mark Hunt, STD
Associate Professor, Religious Studies
SEPCHE Honors Conference Coordinator

Mary Carroll Johansen, Ph.D.
Professor of History

Gina MacKenzie, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

Kimberly Maguire, MS
Associate Director, Residence Life