Holy Family University
The Value of Family at Holy Family University in Philadelphia
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#HFU's Food Truck Festival returns on Sept. 16—make sure you stop by and try some of the tasty treats! https://t.co/ITkLtQ4Vq2
ICYMI: @HolyFamilyULIB will host Robin Black, author of Crash Course, tonight at 7 pm https://t.co/ORxq6Lb3lU
On Wednesday, September 28, #HFU will host an artist reception for Zachary Pritchard to discuss his collection. https://t.co/GictcnOjTn
RT @whyyradiotimes: "Every novelist puts their family and their selves into their books. It's unavoidable." @LizMooreBooks on every writer…
RT @whyyradiotimes: "Memory and nostalgia are at the heart of this book." @LizMooreBooks on "The Unseen World," now on @whyyradiotimes
RT @whyyradiotimes: "They are very much outsiders, which is a theme I keep returning to in many of my books." @LizMooreBooks discussing her…
RT @whyyradiotimes: "Technology always wins in a race against a novelist." @LizMooreBooks on how quickly tech evolves & the difficulties in…
RT @whyyradiotimes: "Using technology can be a form of meditation too." @LizMooreBooks responding to a listener's comment.
RT @whyyradiotimes: "It felt like I was having a conversation with someone." @LizMooreBooks on the computer program Eliza. #RTLive
RT @whyyradiotimes: "I don't feel pessimistic about the future relationships between computers and humans." @LizMooreBooks on technology an…

The Value of Family at Holy Family University in Philadelphia
Holy Family University
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9801 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19114
(215) 637-7700 Philadelphia, PA