Active Shooter Awareness Program on Sept. 26

Holy Family University’s Public Safety Department, in conjunction with the Philadelphia FBI, will host an Active Shooter Awareness Program on Monday, September 26, at 9:30 am in the ETC Auditorium.

The program will be conducted by FBI Special Agent Joseph F. Metzinger, Campus Liaison Agent, Active Shooter Program Coordinator for the Philadelphia FBI.

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International Day of Peace Event Headlined by Cuba Conversations

cuba1On Wednesday, September 21, Holy Family University presents "International Day of Peace: Opening the Doors to Cuba.” The event will take place from 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm in the Campus Center Lower Lobby.

The event will feature Cuban food, music, and Latin dancing, led by Holy Family student Hector Andrew Lopez.

According to Dr. Gloria Kersey-Matusiak, Professor in the School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions and Coordinator for Diversity, the International Day of Peace is being presented to meet three diversity objectives.

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Holy Family University Statement regarding the “Decision 2016” Event

The “Decision 2016” event, being held on Holy Family’s campus on Wednesday, September 14, 2016, is hosted by a third party who contracted with the university to use our facilities for the event.

As an academic institution, we are committed to encouraging healthy dialogue and a diversity of views and opinions, but this is not a university-sponsored event.

As an equal opportunity institution, we are, and have always been, neutral in the political arena and do not endorse political parties or politicians.

Getting to Know: Dr. Diane Elliott

Diana Elliot sizedWith 20 years of education experience spanning from K-12 through colleges and universities, Dr. Diane Elliott joins the School of Education to provide her expertise to the future teachers of tomorrow. Dr. Elliott has taught courses on research designs and methods, quantitative analysis and statistics, and legal, social, and political issues in schools and the community. She sat down with Holy Family University to discuss her background, problems facing men and women in STEM, and finding hobbies in a house with two small children.

HFU: Can you tell me about your background and what brought you to Holy Family University?

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Pre-Med Faculty Provides Mentorship to Students

Faculty members of Holy Family University’s new Pre-Med track held an informative evening exploring the possibilities of the program, including conversations with esteemed alumni, on September 9 at The Farm and Fisherman Tavern Market.

Dr. Chris Carbone, Assistant Professor of Biology, talked students through the Pre-Med blueprint, MCAT plan, course review, CV and personal statement assistance, on-campus clubs, research opportunities, and hospital shadowing opportunities.

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Drs. He and Mauldin Present at American Chemical Society National Meeting

He Mauldin ResearchDr. Dian He, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Dr. Stanley Mauldin, Associate Professor of Biology and Biochemistry, presented a poster at the 252nd American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting and Exposition at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on August 23. Their work was titled “Computational analysis of structure and biological function of translesion DNA polymerase zeta from Dictyostelium discoideum.”

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Elizabeth Moore Book Reading/Signing on September 19

The Unseen World sizedElizabeth Moore, Associate Professor of Writing and Coordinator of Humanities, will host a book reading and signing of her third novel, The Unseen World, on Monday, September 19, at 12:50 pm in the Library.

The Unseen World tells the story of Ada Sibelius, the daughter of David, an eccentric and socially inept single father who runs a computer lab located in Boston. Ada joins David during his daily work—becoming a protégé along the way. While David's lab begins to gain success, questions regarding his past start to surface. With David's mind failing, Ada is determined to discover her father's secrets.

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Faculty Present at Teaching and Learning Assessment Conference

drexel conferenceFive Holy Family University representatives—Dr. Elizabeth Jones, Dr. Dianna Sand, Dr. Bernice Purcell, Dr. Janet McNellis and Dr. Lisa D. Belfield—will attend and present at the 2016 Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning Assessment from September 7-9, hosted by Drexel University.

According to the event description, the goal is to “restate our commitment to academic quality, and acknowledge that the quality of the student academic experience must be the driver behind all assessment and accreditation activities.”

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Kathleen Bartholomew Confronts Bullying in Nursing Profession

Kathleen BartholomewOn Wednesday, September 7, at 11 am in the ETC Auditorium, Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN, will share stories from the nursing profession in a presentation titled, “Ending Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility: Why Nurses Eat Their Young and Each Other.” The event is open to the public.

The phrase “nurses eating their young” is an insider term used to explain the bullying, harassment, and emotional abuse that can be experienced by new nurses from experienced nurses. The trauma occurs in hospitals, nursing schools, and beyond.

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September Art Gallery: Zachary Pritchard

september art gallery sizedHoly Family University Art Gallery Presents Zachary Pritchard

Exhibit Dates: September 2 - 28

Artist Reception: Wednesday, September 28 from 12:50 pm – 2:50 pm.

On Wednesday, September 28, Holy Family University will host an artist reception for Zachary Pritchard to discuss his collection, made from paper-mache, plaster, fired clay, pigmented wax, cast iron, and aluminum. The exhibition will also feature sculptures on pedestals, freestanding pieces, and wall sculptures.

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