Experiential Learning

Experience. Develop. Succeed.

Our unique educational method integrates classroom study in conjunction with real-world learning opportunities that allow students to gain experience in their field of study before graduation. The philosophy of the Experiential Learning Program is to provide students with the tools and knowledge that will encourage professional development growth. 

Students utilizing this resource will achieve a higher understanding of their career path and their professional personality. Our goal is to not only support their short-term needs of locating internship opportunities, but also to prepare students for their future as young professionals.

All students and alumni of Holy Family University are eligible to use our services, both in-office or online.

Information for Students

Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to become a successful professional. Behind the scenes, the Experiential Learning Program is cultivating relationships with employers that are interested in mentoring our students. We will work together to ensure that you have all the knowledge you will need to apply for internships effectively, build a resume that represents the best, professional image of yourself, the skills needed to ace an interview and provide support in conducting appropriate follow-up with employers.

Arranging for internships that have true career value can take time. We recommend that students apply as early as possible, preferably in sophomore year. Students must have junior or senior status at Holy Family University to be placed in an internship position related to his/her academic major.

Information for Employers

Our objective is to place students in an internship setting that makes sense for your business and also for the student. You will work directly with the Director of  the Internship and Career Services Center to locate the talent your organization is looking for. Consider Experiential Learning an extension of your Human Resources department. 

Employers appreciate working with student interns by offering a chance for them to explore their field of study in a real-world setting. Some businesses have projects and needs that an intern student would be ideal for, while other businesses utilize the student intern experience as an opportunity to become a mentor for a young professional or as a condition of permanent employment.

Information for Parents

We embrace lifelong learning and believe in a developmental approach. This involves working with students one on one to provide the tools needed to help them become professionals. Students have an opportunity to take advantage of several services, including resume building, interview skills workshops, and job/internship search readiness tools. We guide students in professional development so they can begin planning their careers and make positive decisions that can impact their futures.