CIC Services

  • Career Exploration: Schedule an appointment with the Center for Internships and Career Services (CICS) to explore your major and the path that works for you. This is determined by analyzing your Interest Survey along with your skills, abilities, interests, and unique talents.
  • 10-Year Career Mapping: Sit down with a member of the CICS team to discuss what your career path will look like in 10 years. Are you on the right track? We’ll help you find out.
  • Experiential Learning: Internships are a great way to participate in your field of study before graduation. This strengthens your desire and interests in the field while providing you with the marketable skills and experiences needed when your job search begins after graduation.
  • Ellucian Early Career Workshop: CICS participates in Ellucian Early Career Accelerator Workshop Sessions. These sessions include a variety of topics designed to enhance your skills, including; Resume Writing, Interview Prep, Personal Branding, Emotional Intelligence, Unwritten rules, and A Seat at The Table.
  • Cover Letter and Resume Writing: With the help of the CICS staff, build the best resume suited to your experiences and unique talents that will be marketable in the ever-changing job market.
  • Interview Etiquette: CICS supports your job search from beginning to end. This not only includes preparing for the interview, but also following up after the interview. Our staff will ensure you have been provided with all of the tools needed to feel confident before, during, and after the interview. Feel free to schedule an appointment for a mock interview and allow us to review your “thank you” letter after the interview.