Serving as Holy Family University's literary magazine since 1959, Holy Family Folio is a lasting tradition that celebrates the creativity and artistic integrity of its contributors. Every year, Folio collects work submitted by students, faculty, and staff, compiling it all together to be printed in the magazine. The pages of the magazine include original works of prose, poetry, artwork, and photography. This collection process unfolds over the course of the Fall semester, during which Folio hosts various events to reach out to students to be involved.

It is during the Spring semester where the contributions come to life on the pages of the magazine, laid out and printed with great care by Folio's wonderful staff. This all leads up to the annual Folio Night, where the newly printed magazine is distributed to the writers, artists, and photographers who helped bring it to life. These very same contributors are invited to share their works with the school, and the best of each respective category are presented with awards.

Folio is one of Holy Family's longest-running publications and a tradition that we, the Folio Staff, treat with great respect. With great enthusiasm, we invite you to be a part of this tradition as well.

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For questions, please email or make a submission for our next edition.

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