Autism Endorsement - Course Requirements

Autism Endorsement

This Endorsement program is intended to improve a teacher’s skills in dealing with complex classroom settings to include autism spectrum disorders. Students in this program are exposed to current research and practice in assessment, instructional programming, social skills training, applied behavior analysis programs, inclusion, and academic program development.

The courses required for this program are open to all individuals with bachelor’s degrees. However, only students who have current Pennsylvania Level I or Level II Instructional Certification BEFORE they complete the courses listed below are eligible for the state Endorsement. These courses may also be completed in conjunction with any non-initial certification Master of Education program.

Course ID

Course Name


EDSP 610* EDSP 612*

EDSP 614*

Instructional and Management Strategies for the Learner with ASD Evidence Based Practices for the Learner with Exceptionalities (Prerequisite: EDSP 610)

Communication Interventions for the Learner





with Autism and Other Communication Disabilities


EDSP 616*

Special Topics in Autism Spectrum Disorder


* A field experience is part of the course requirements.