Second Degree Fast-Track BSN Daytime 14-Month: Course Requirements

The first Baccalaureate degree has to have been earned from an accredited College or University.

  • Students must have an overall minimum GPA of 3.0 and a minimum GPA 2.75 in Math and Sciences in order to be considered for admission to the Second Baccalaureate Degree BSN Program.
  • Students must progress in the nursing courses as listed on the sequence sheet.
  • Each session is 8 weeks.

Second Degree Fast-Track BSN Daytime 14-Month

All non-nursing prerequisites must be completed prior to admission.

The following coursework must be completed with a minimum grade of C or better prior to admission to the program:

Course ID

Course Name


BIOL 206/L



BIOL 207/L

Anatomy and Physiology I


BIOL 208/L

Anatomy and Physiology II


NURS 206


3 (taught by a Registered Dietician)

MATH 130

Elementary Statistics


No more than one grade of “C” is permitted in the above courses.

No more than one repeat in any of the above courses due to grade of “C” or less.

Completion of nursing courses and clinical rotations takes 7 sessions (3.5 semesters) or 14 months for the Second- degree BSN Day Fast Track and Second-Degree Distance Hybrid BSN track

Completion of nursing courses and clinical rotations takes 11 sessions (5.5 semesters) or 22 months for the Second- degree BSN Part-time Evenings and Weekends Fast Track.

Other Requirements

All students in the pre-licensure BSN tracks are required to complete all ATI assignments as outlined in the course syllabi.

Comprehensive Examination – The comprehensive examination represents a significant measure of knowledge integration acquired in the pre-licensure BSN program. The comprehensive examination is scheduled during the student’s final semester in the program. Students who are unable to successfully complete the comprehensive examination at the scheduled time are not able to complete program requirements by the expected graduation date (Volume VII-A Policy 8.18)