Digital Marketing, Minor - Course Requirements

The minor in Digital Marketing is intended to integrate with existing business and marketing curricula to provide students with the key skills most needed by marketing coordinators and managers in their day-to-day jobs. This program is intended to produce “growth hackers” that are able to design and implement campaigns that expand brand awareness and optimize for key return on investment metrics. Grades of less than “C” in business related courses will not count toward the minor.

Only six (6) credits in transfer will be accepted for the minor.


Course ID

Course Name


MNMK 312

Principles of Marketing


MNMK 205

Email Marketing (Prerequisite of ENGL 101)


MNMK 215

Viral and Organic Growth


MNMK 406

Consumer Behavior (Prerequisite of MNMK 312)


MNMK 415

SEO and SEM (Prerequisite of MNMK 312)


MNMK 416MNMK 424 orMNMK 425

Social Media Marketing (Prerequisite of MNMK 312)Digital Marketing Analytics (Prerequisite of MNMK 312math requirement, and MNMK 205, MNMK 415, or MNMK 416) Marketing Data and Analytics (Prerequisite of BUSA 100



and BUSA 104)


The student should make sure the required prerequisites are met.