Applying for Graduate Admission

Please select the application for your specific program of interest. If you have questions about our programs or applications, please contact Graduate Admissions at 267-341-3327 or


MBA or MS in Accountancy programs:

BusinessCAS - Spring 2024

BusinessCAS - Summer/Fall 2024

Master of Organizational Leadership (MSOL)

GradCAS - Spring 2024

GradCAS - Summer/Fall 2024

Counseling Psychology

MS in Counseling Psychology or Psy.D.

PSYCAS - Spring 2024


Graduate School of Education Application

MFA: Creative Writing

MFA: Creative Writing Application - Summer 2024


MS in Nursing (MSN), Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) or Second Degree BSN (14 or 22-month) 

NursingCAS - Summer/Fall 2024

Second Degree Distance Hybrid BSN

Second Degree Distance Hybrid BSN Application

Internal Applicants

If you are a current undergraduate student, employee, 4+ student, or have an email address, please use the application below:

Holy Family Application