Internal Event Request Form

Note: this form is for the use of Holy Family University faculty, staff and student organizations only. Organizations not affiliated with Holy Family University must use the External Event Request Form to book a venue for an event. 


We require at least two weeks advance notice from the date of your event. Your request will be reviewed within five business days and you will receive a response confirming or denying your request.

Catering, setup, and technology requests will be handled after your reservation is confirmed.

For more information, please contact Cheryl Glover at 267-341-4002 or email

Internal Event Planning Guide

Event Contact Information:

Event Information:

List potential dates for your event by order of preference. 
Will you be requesting the President's attendance?

To arrange for the President's participation, please

Contact Patricia Townsend, Administrative Assistant to the President, to arrange for the President's participation, as early as possible at 267-341-3220 or email

Minors present at the event?