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The Office for Orientation & Academic Success (OAS) is a pivotal support system providing a range of programs and services to facilitate students' transition into college life and ensure their academic success. Collaborating closely with students, OAS develops personalized strategies for success, encompassing skills such as self-advocacy, time management, study preparation, and effective communication with faculty. For students facing specific challenges or seeking general support, OAS works with the student to create a path to success at Holy Family University.

BLUEprint for Student Success

BLUEprint for Student Success is a comprehensive series of one-credit courses designed to nurture students' intellectual, social, spiritual, and personal development. Rooted in the values and skills necessary for success at Holy Family University and beyond, the BLUEprint guides students throughout their college experience. 

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I AM First-Gen Programs 

“I AM First-Gen” Programs support first-generation college students' unique educational journey. The OAS office hosts specialized programs and events and provides leadership opportunities tailored to the needs of first-generation students.

New Student Orientation 

Each semester, the OAS Office extends a warm welcome to all new Tigers through a comprehensive orientation program. This program is designed to provide incoming students with the information and resources needed for a smooth transition into university life.  Students engage in activities that forge connections with faculty, staff, and fellow classmates to create a sense of belonging to the HFU family.

Student Success Coaching

OAS Office has a team of dedicated Student Success Coaches committed to assisting students on their academic and personal journey. Whether needing support with organization, goal setting, semester planning, stress management, or any other challenges, OAS Success Coaches are here to provide guidance and encouragement. OAS Success Coaches are assigned to students based on academic school, or athletic status.

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