Art Professor and Coordinator of Fine Arts Pamela Flynn Exhibits Newest Collection in New York City

Holy Family University

"Making art completes me. It is my way of communicating; it is my voice," explained Pamela Flynn, art professor and coordinator of Fine Arts at Holy Family University.

Pamela Flynn

In addition to sharing her passion of the arts with her students at Holy Family University for the last fifteen years, Flynn has been promoting original works of art through exhibitions since 1971. Currently, she is beyond excited to share her latest exhibit with the public, Forget-Me-Not.

Flynn promotes her exhibits as a series, each growing and evolving from her previous works of art. Her latest exhibit, Forget-Me-Not, was created as a continuation of her previous exhibit entitled, Considering Harm, which raised awareness on the issue of gun violence. Forget-Me-Not focuses on death and touches on the "empty space" individuals are left with after the passing of a loved one. When a loved one is no longer present, their family and friends' only outlet in keeping them alive in their hearts is by remembering the many memories they shared overtime.

"Forget-Me-Not images allow one to slip into the memories of someone who is gone and who has left an empty space in one's life," Flynn stated. These images express various moods that reflect the nature of these memories through both embossed and intaglio prints, along with drawings over digital photographs, oil paintings with seed beads, and oil paintings with encaustic.

Flynn hopes that through this exhibit she will be able to encourage audience members to open their hearts and allow for all of the wonderful memories they shared with their deceased loved ones to fill that aching void. Flynn is a firm believer in expressing one's self through art without any hesitation. She believes that "an artist should allow his/her voice to develop and should never be fearful of taking risks in one's art making." Flynn's ultimate goal is to promote exhibits that will not only raise awareness to everyday issues but will also inspire others to get in touch with their inner creativity.

Forget-Me-Not runs from April 30 to May 24 at the Phoenix Gallery, located on 210 11th Avenue, Suite 902, in New York, NY. In addition, there will be a reception held on May 8 from 6:00pm-8:00pm. For more information, please visit


Brittnee Reed '14