Campus Student Center

Enhancing the Student Experience 

Student Center

As we move forward, we must consider the significant needs of today’s student population. With a focus on creating flexible and welcoming spaces on campus for our commuter and resident student populations, the University plans to transform and reimagine existing spaces in the Student Campus Center to create more welcoming, student-centered areas to foster greater student social engagement and a greater sense of belonging. 

Newly renovated areas in the Student Center will provide greater space for a range of extra-curricular student programs and activities, such as student clubs and service projects, so that all students may easily discover these value-added opportunities. 

Creating more collaborative spaces for student engagement will ensure that students not only gain knowledge from coursework, but that they build strong connections and learn from one another. In a post-pandemic world in which students have been challenged, the goal is to ensure that the University creates organic and intentional spaces for students to interact, discover common interests, and forge lifelong relationships with one another over the common ground of higher education and the college experience. 

We know that our commitment is not only to see students graduate, but to focus holistically on our students to prepare them for careers and for life.

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