Holy Family Contingent Participates in United Nations’ Celebration and Ninth International Conference February 8-9

A contingent of nine Holy Family University students and four staff members accompanied Prince Adnan El-Hashemite, executive director of University Global Initiatives, to the Ninth International Women and Girls in Science Conference of the United Nations on February 8-9 in New York City.  

The Holy Family group included students Divya Asiedu-Danquah, Jeffrey Gonsiewski, Alicia Kopinska, Ayav Mahmoud,  Reva Mindel, Sophia Paz, Yasamin Popal, Nicole Steinberg and Julian Stewart and staff members from the Center for Career Services Brian Booth, Sara Christopher, Brett Fucci, and Schyler Paris-Ellerbee.
In addition to representing the University at the Conference and witnessing how important global subject matters are negotiated at the United Nations, three students contributed to the conference through written submission, verbal intervention, and technical support.

Senior Yasamin Popal’s single submission on equity and inclusion in science was accepted among global submissions and is anticipated to be globally published around the General Assembly in September 2024. Popal also presented her paper “Recognizing the role of women and girls in science as agents of change and the importance of mainstreaming a gender perspective in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals" to both the Permanent Mission of Spain and the Permanent Mission of Portugal.

She also submitted an intervention question to a panel of UN Diplomats:
“Access to education is almost a dream in some parts of the world, especially in underprivileged and growing countries. Developed and advanced countries often discuss the need to promote equity and inclusion of girls in education, yet, do nothing to help with implementation. My question to you; how can underdeveloped countries move forward and advance their educational systems and standards if developed countries are not willing to fairly exchange information and share financial equity?”

Reva Mindel is currently crafting an outcome report paper, co-authored with Prince El-Hashemite, that will provide a narrative of main points of the conference and offered for public distribution.

Additionally, senior International Student and Business & Technology major Alicia Kopinska voluntarily was pressed into action to assist with the live United Nations’ video and instructional postings during the morning session in the General Assembly and seamlessly managed the complicated technology, enabling the smooth delivery of videos and instructional media to 193 countries around the world.

“I was so impressed with both Yasamin and Alicia,” Prince El-Hashemite said. “They were extremely comfortable, confident, and competent on an international stage. I was so proud of how they, and all of the students, handled themselves, showed leadership and, most importantly, welcomed open dialogue and communications with others.  It was an excellent and exceptional experience for our Holy Family team.”




Jan Giel