Holy Family School of Nursing & Health Sciences Hosts Pinning Ceremony for 72 Students Completing Bachelor of Science Nursing Program

Holy Family University celebrated the accomplishments of 72 nursing students who recently completed the Bachelor of Science Nursing Program during a pinning ceremony on December 19. The ceremony is a symbolic welcoming of the graduated nurses to the nursing profession and a cherished rite of passage at the completion of this rigorous program of study.  The pins are provided as a gift from the Holy Family University Alumni Association.

“As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our School of Nursing, please know that you are now part of a wonderful, incredible legacy of nursing excellence,” University President Dr. Anne Prisco said in congratulating the group. “Many are seeking you out, including a network of accomplished alumni, to join them in this remarkable profession as sought-after Holy Family nurses. You are very much celebrated today.  Cherish this accomplishment.”

“I urge you to embrace the humility and passion of this profession and to see beyond the injury and illness and embrace the humanity of any individual who crosses your path,” said Vice Dean Dr. Jinsy Mathew. “As you move away from us, my hope is for you to be humbled and grounded and to carry the mission of Holy Family University with you, to be always a role model and an advocate for your patients.”

“Today we celebrate our infinite accomplishments as one,” said graduate Kamilah A. Glenn in delivering the student reflection during the ceremony.  “We are all destined for greatness and will contribute to making nursing one of the finest of the arts.”

Three graduates were recognized as award recipients during the program.

The Kathy Kelly West Award for Clinical Excellence was presented to Abeda Alavi as the graduating nursing student who demonstrated clinical excellence in the care of patients by never wavering in any aspect of nursing, epitomized flawless, near-perfect critical care. Her care was premier, grounded in science, lifesaving, and noticeably worthy of the honor of this award.

The Compassion and Caring Award was presented to Derek C. Beltre as the future nurse who demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the profession of nursing, proudly mirrored the values of the Judeo-Christian tradition, assumed lifelong responsibilities toward God, society, self, and nursing, and performed countless acts of compassion in every one of his interactions with patients, families, staff members, and peers.

The Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence was presented to Brittany T. Lane, as the graduating nurse who had the highest grade-point average and who consistently demonstrated academic excellence through her time in this rigorous program.


Graduating BSN students included:

Lena T. Abouelfadl, Sana Ahmadi, Abeda Alavi, Daliza Alfonseca, Derek C. Beltre, Anxhela Belulaj, Valeria Blandon, Kellyann M. Calio, Nichole B. Carter, Allison M. Chew, Denise Colon, Jessica K. Cruz, Michael L. Cunicelli, Camryn M. Curiale, Meaghan K. Daniels, Carissa N. Dea, Shannon Dougherty, Danielle E. Edeline, Edyana A. Flores, Carmen Fong, Hanna Furman, Kamilah A. Glenn, Emily Hagerty, Allyssa A. Hartney,  Ava Hensor, Alison Howard, Giselle M. Hurtado, Adama Jawara, Samantha L. Juliana, Karla Juste, Rebecca L. Kleschick, Yeva Krivosheina, Alison Kushnir, Shakira M. Laborde, Kayla M. Laird, Brittany T. Lane, Jordyn P. Large, Ivahna Audrey V. Levine, Siani M. Lewis, Carolyn S. Litwinow, Kimberly M. Lopez Caraballo, Ariana Lorenti, Sophia S. Mahmoud, Skyla G. Martz, Daniel A. McCade, Madeline J. McNally, Jaime Melena, Lauren Miller, Teresa A. Miller, Tatyana Motuzna, Thi Van Anh Nguyen , Lianna R. Pascarella, Amanda J. Pavucek, Caitlyn A. Pope, Kristina Pristatsky, Johanna Rea, Krystle L. Reinhardt, Christina M. Rios, Madelyn H. Rivera, Destiny N. Rodriguez, Jillian Roesner, Stephanie M. Romanek, Maria Ruiz, Haley L. Sauer, Ervina Shemsiu, Destiny M. Shields, Alexis L. Stango, Marilyn Sutterley, Ciara Thomas, Linh Tran, Mia N. Trotz, Samuel A. Williams


Jan Giel