Holy Family University Announces Expansion in Newtown, Bucks County

Newtown West

Newly acquired Newtown West campus will supplement the University’s existing Newtown East and Northeast Philadelphia campus locations

Holy Family University is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new campus facility in Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The new location, which will be known as the Newtown West campus, will supplement the existing Newtown East campus located at 1 Campus Drive in Newtown. The Newtown West campus is located less than two miles away at 33 University Drive in Newtown.

With the University’s Northeast Philadelphia campus at capacity, Holy Family is expanding in Newtown to allow the University to accommodate additional students at both the Northeast Philadelphia and existing Newtown campus locations. A significant number of Holy Family students take courses at both current University campuses, and this expansion will enable the University to better serve students at both locations by offering additional courses and resources. In addition, this expansion will allow Holy Family to expand its footprint to become an anchor institution in Bucks County.

Newtown West is a 47,573 square-foot facility and sits on a 6.5-acre site. The space features 21 classrooms and 10 laboratory rooms. Other amenities are space for a library/resource center, bookstore, cafeteria, and an outdoor quad.

Among proposed plans for the Newtown West campus are an expansion in the University’s Computer Science and Cybersecurity programs (both launching in Fall 2022) including a hacking lab, as well as new programming in the health sciences and partnerships with area community colleges.

“Holy Family University is excited to expand our operations in Bucks County with the acquisition of the Newtown West campus,” said Dr. Anne Prisco, President of Holy Family University. “With this new facility, the University will be able to expand our academic programs, community resources, and service opportunities in Newtown while also providing additional support for our students at our home campus in Northeast Philadelphia. We are looking forward to working closely with the Bucks County community to fulfill the University’s mission of ensuring a welcoming and accessible learning community for all.”

Holy Family University is in planning discussions with local officials, business leaders, and other key stakeholders to ensure that the Newtown West facility both accommodates the University’s need to serve its students and fulfills the needs of Bucks County residents and the surrounding communities. The proposed launch date for the new site will be announced once plans have been finalized.

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Credit: Holy Family University