Holy Family University Hosts Visiting Sisters from the Philippines

Holy Family University Vice President for Mission and Diversity Sister Rita Fanning, CSFN, recently provided personal tours of the campus to Provincial Superior Sister Greta Marie Gallo and General Councilor Sister Marie Fe, with a stop in for a visit with Holy Family University President Dr. Anne Prisco.

Sister Greta Marie Gallo, who provides all oversight of the ministry in the Philippines as the Provincial Superior, toured the campus for the first time (as well as Nazareth Academy Grade School and Nazareth Academy High School) on September 19.

Sister Marie Fe, a General Councilor stationed in Rome who works alongside Superior General Sister Angela Marie Mazzeo, who is a Philadelphia native, and who had previously been on the Holy Family campus, visited on September 26. 

Both Sisters requested a stop in Philadelphia following their appearance at the General Conference meeting in Des Plaines, IL, in early September because it was the efforts of the American CSFN Sisters (several from Philadelphia) who worked to establish the order in the Philippines. 

“How wonderful to meet our visiting Sisters and to hear their positive impressions of our campus and University community during their time with us,” said Holy Family University President Dr. Anne Prisco. “Most importantly, it was rewarding to hear that they found the values of their mission alive and well in the Holy Family University community.”

“Our visiting Sisters expressed that they owe their vocations to those Philadelphia-area Sisters who brought the order to their country 40 years ago,” Sister Fanning said. “They expressed that they were much impressed with the people whom they met at Holy Family University, that they had the chance to witness our sponsored ministry and to see the mission very much alive on our campus. They expressed their gratitude that we have such wonderful lay people assisting us. They enjoyed meeting Dr. Prisco and enjoyed engaging conversation. It was my good fortune to be their ambassador for the day and my pleasure to showcase the University.”



Jan Giel